CES: Toshiba, defiant, says HD-DVD, down, not out

January 6, 2008

Breaking new records in press conference brevity, Toshiba’s CES presentation speed through why its TVs are the best and not a whole lot of detail on the fate of its HD DVD format after Hollywood’s biggest studio Warner Bros decided to back Sony’s Blu-ray exclusively.

The room was quiet, but electric, like watching a boxer trying to lift himself off the canvas after being knocked down.

Toshiba digital AV Vice President of marketing Jodi Sally told the audience, “As you can imagine this is a tough day for me. I’ve had better.” Sally also said HD DVD remained the best technology, adding that Warner’s surprise announcement “”shifted” the focus of her speech.

More from Sally:

I fully expected to come here this morning to share with you the past year’s successes for HD DVD and there have been many. Obviously the events of the last few days have shifted the focus of my comments to some degree. But what I wanted to say to you is still very true.  We firmly believe that HD DVD is the best format for the consumer.

It’s difficult for me to believe when all the pundits declare that HD DVD is dead. Clearly the event of the last few days have led many of you to that conclusion. We have been declared dead before. The reality is we ended 2007  with a majority of the year to date market share. Our unit sales in the fourth quarter were the best to date for HD DVD. And now nearly 1 million dedicated HD DVD players from all brands are in the market place. The fact is that HD DVD has always put the interest of the consumer ahead of individual companies.

About 35 minutes from beginning to end. No questions taken from the audience.

(Photo: Reuters / Rick Wilking)


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Yeah like as if they’re just going to pack up and go home. The format war will be over when Toshiba investors pressure the company to pull out.

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IN my opinion, other important handicap for HD DVD is that can not play the format AVCHD the HD format for videocameras. I have both (HD DVD and videocamera HD)and is not possible to play my records in my HD DVD. Probably I’ll by Blue Ray in the future if this problem of HD DVD system is not solved.
Enrique Alvarez (Barcelona, Spain)

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Competition by its very nature drives down prices. There is more at stake here than just DVD movies. There are hardware choices where competition should drive prices down by making a particular format affordable. Since Sony has the first strike with the PSP its Toshibas turn to drive the price of the HD down so far and so fast that this format gets a big consumer push. I think the issue is with the processing that is needed to play these movies. For stand alone players this is an issue but with the PC and consoles the processing power has already be factored in and there is no reason these players can’t become mainstream and very inexpensive.

Toshiba can still win if they can put out a cheap consumer HD drive for the PC and XBOX.
How many more PCs are on the market?
How many of these are media PCs. If you don’t have a media PC hooked up to that Big Screen you don’t know what you’re missing. What do you think the screen writers are afraid of?

Put a HD player in my hands for $40, and a burner for under $100, then you have my vote.

HD DVD is backwards compatible with the current technology where blueray isn’t. With the Sony lock on the technology you will never see affordable writable HD media.

Since the media industry of which Sony is a big part is all adopting Blueray Toshiba need to focus on the PC and console markets and make a format where we can back up our Blueray movies to HD DVD. You will see how important a player HD DVD becomes.

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