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January 24, 2008

sting1.jpgThe music industry is dead. Long live the music industry. In a piece we put out earlier today, we highlighted how more Web sites are popping up to help new and established artists get funding directly from their fans. See here.

So if you’re a musician and your demo songs are any good,  fans can buy “shares” in your next album for a minimum of $10 each. At the very least the fan gets a copy of the completed album. Plus, the more shares they buy the more access they get to the creative and production process for the album — like sitting in on a recording session.

Yet the challenge of distribution is still an important battle for up and coming artists who fund their own recordings. Many are still unable to get their music on to iTunes, which has more 70 percent of all digital sales in countries like the United States.

This is how helped Eric Stiner, a 33-year old New Yorker who recorded for two bands Boy/Girl and Kill Kill Kill while completing his PhD in evolutionary biology at City University of New York.

“It’s near impossible to get music up on iTunes, TuneCore made it really easy,” said Stiner.

And what about selling CDs in stores?

“The CD is dead to us,” Stiner said. “It really only exists for us for demo purposes and radio stations. Digital music is more economical, more eco-friendly and way easier for distribution.”

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That’s actually why we founded the company. There’s simply no reason for all those barriers to entry anymore. Digital distribution is fast, efficient, and the “shelves” are infinitely long. Let the artist in, don’t handcuff them by taking a cut, let their music go as far as it can take them.

Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to drop me a line if with questions about TuneCore or the industry.


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We operate in the same way tunecore does, although if i do say so myself we are cheaper, faster and have more coverage.
We also help artists collect airplay royalties, gain chart placements and we have our own national TV show, so feel free to check us out or drop me an email with any questions on the “industry” as Peter so elequently put it.


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