Disney puts money on Dems, Clinton

February 26, 2008

Democrats – and especially Hillary Clinton — look like winners this year to the Walt Disney Co.

The House of Mouse has given 64 percent of its total political contributions so far in the 2008 election cycle to Dems and has showered Clinton with more Mickeybucks than any other presidential contender this year, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Disney has shelled out more than $424,585 in political donations during the current election cycle, putting its election spending on track with its 2004 total, the data showed, and  maintaining the favoritism it has shown for Democrats since at least 1990. 

While Democrats have long controlled the California statehouse, Disney operates its home resort, its profit powerhouse, Walt Disney World resort, in GOP-controlled Florida.

It isn’t saving the money it’s not spending on Republicans either. The data showed the company’s lobbying budget has more than doubled to $4.5 million over the past decade.

In the media world, however, Disney’s aggregate campaign spending was dwarfed by that of Time Warner Inc, which has laid out more than $1 million so far this year mainly to Democrats. If its contributions to the presidential candidates are any indication, the media conglomerate sees Barack Obama as the next Commander-in-Chief — but only by a slim margin.


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Arkansas was glad to see the Clinton’s leave the state as they had enough of them. White Water, the death of Vince Foster, Bill’s adultery was discounted until Monica’s dress caught his ass in a lie. Folks this isn’t a normal couple and that scares the hell out of me.
Her ability not to be able to control her husband and the finances of her campaign should prove she and he have a Napoleon complex between them. They are politicians of the worst kind, think of it Bill was in and out of the courts for most of his two terms. At this time I don’t believe we can afford him or her in office.
She has so many consultants ($8 million’s worth) and she’s losing………hum?
Hey wait she’s ready to take office and she needs consultants…why? Makes you think don’t it. Oh there is more about the weakness of this candidate but it makes my head hurt.

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Walt Disney, on list of illuminaties, Clintons also. Ellen, CNN, parent companies. I get it!!!

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for a look at how the democrats are using $ to their advantage in the early/primary voting…

please link (or cut and paste) below:

http://thevote.abc13.com/2008/02/is-earl y-voting.html

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I just can’t believe why the Media is so bias to Senator Clinton. I am little surprised why this onslaught. Just leave her alone. So far no female candidate had reached this far in a primary. I think she deserve better. The day Obama is nominated the media will turn against him and bring him down like a pack of cards and hand over the Presidency to McCain. That’s what the media want. Hillary will fight for ordinary Americans but not the fat media barons.

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[…] From reuters.com: […]

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i find it very odd that people want to give credit to Mrs Clinton for ‘what she has accomplished as a woman’. She got to where she is today because she is the wife of Bill Clinton. Not because of anything she achieved on her own. When a woman comes along and can show she is capable of handling the job of President, gender will not be an issue. Just like it was not an issue for Margaret Thatcher, Golda Mier, Indira Gahndi…..

Posted by boyd hebberd | Report as abusive

F.Y.I.: Hillary has demonstrated strength, determination, passion and drive…all on her own. She owns that…she does NOT need Bill at all. And people, let’s get over Monica. There are so many other President’s that had ‘events’ in the White House and elsewhere.
B.T.W: America was at it’s best when Bill Clinton was President..it’s unfortunate some people refuse to acknowledge that.
Can’t wait for the day a Democrat takes Office next year…get the ‘stale’ air out of the White House.

Posted by Dan Archer | Report as abusive

We need to thank Bill and Hillary Clinton for their public service and turn the page on American Politics. Barack Obama will lead this nation to greater heights and into the new century. America is not looking for a consultant or micro-manager, we are looking for a leader who can inspire and lead us to work harder, prosper and grow. That candidate is Obama. Hillary will make a great Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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