Client 9: not a businessman; “a business, Man”

March 14, 2008

spitzerad.jpgA cottage industry has risen from the ashes of Eliot Spitzer’s career and, well, life. Echoing Jay-Z’s words, Client 9 “is no businessman…he’s a business, man.”

Ok, maybe not an industry in the traditional sense. But certain opportunists companies are at least looking to make a quick buck on the former “Wall Street Sheriff’s” woes. It didn’t take long for Virgin Mobile Canada and Sirius Satellite Radio to add their takes on Client 9, Spitzer’s infamous court document alias.

“When you call us we’ll treat you like a person, not a client. Whether you’re #9 or #900, you’ll get hooked up with somebody who’ll finally treat you just how you want to be treated,” Virgin Mobile Canada promised.

Sirius Satellite Radio went a step further by creating and promoting a weekend of programming billed as “Client 9 Radio.”

“Client 9 Radio will serve as a forum for this national conversation,” Sirius announced on Friday. “Client 9 Radio will explore every side of the story: from the political to the psychological to the medical and beyond.” client9radio.JPG

A representative of YouMail, a company that lets users save their voicemails, also chimed in: “With the recent developments regarding Eliot Spitzer being exposed through wiretaps, I can’t help but wonder when saved and easily shared voicemails will be used to uncover the next big business or political scandal.”

On Tuesday, a day after the New York Times first reported the Spitzer’s ties with a prostitute ring, vendors were already hawking T-shirts. “Client #9 for President, Help Legalize Prostitution” T-Shirts were available over at CafePress.

Client 9 even hit lunch, Gothamist reports. Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop in New York started serving “The Spitzer” sandwich made with “hot tongue,” naturally.And apparently without even trying, News Corp earned publicity from the debacle in the form of reports about the MySpace page were “Kristen,” Spitzer’s alleged lady-friend shared her story and her music.

(Photos: Virgin Mobile Canada; Sirius Satellite Radio)


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the first thing a jewish mother tells her son is not to have anything to do with a shyster, I guess Elliot did not listen.

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), nice pic

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