Dude, you are so Bear Stearned

March 20, 2008

If you want to know the latest developments in the shredding of Bear Stearns, you turn to breaking news sites. If you want to know the wider cultural implications of what’s happening on Wall Street, check the Urban Dictionary.

One of the most recent entries, less than a week after Bear’s problems were reported in the press, is “Bear Stearned .”


to crash, to collapse, to plummit, to fail

1. I can’t believe it, I completely bear stearned that test.

2. For the third time this week, my computer bear stearned on me.

I plan to use this term at least 50 times this weekend.

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There’s one more investment-baning firm that might become “Bear Stearned.” Because news reports say that Credit Suisse Group will probably post losses for this fiscal quarter, nervous investors are bound to wonder whether it will succumb to the same dire fate as The Bear Stearns Companies Inc, which narrowly averted bankruptcy by accepting a buyout deal from JPMorgan Chase & Co this past Sunday. The Zurich-based company said today it will write down $2.65 billion over the fourth quarter of 2007 and the first three months of 2008, reported Bloomberg News in an online article on Thursday. Whatever the true extent of Credit Suisse’s financial difficulties might be, there can be little doubt that its current circumstances will require its leadership to make sound decisions in the coming months in order to ensure that it returns to fiscal health.

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[…] Finally, this item is a bit old, but since there was no Afternoon Reading on Friday, we thought it was still worth a mention. One of the most recent entries in Urban Dictionary is “Bear Stearned,” Reuters’ DealZone reports. […]

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