Blink… Times building just depreciated $1

April 17, 2008

time-building.jpgThe New York Times’ fancy new building on 8th Avenue comes at a cost. First there was the falling glass and other debris, then there was that annoying issue of mice making a home in the skyscraper.

But how’s this for a cost? The New York Times headquarters building is likely to depreciate at a rate of $8 million per quarter, according to its latest earnings release.

What’s $8 million per quarter? Here’s our rough breakdown:

  • $2.67 million per month
  • $88,889 per day
  • $3,704 per hour
  • $62 per minute
  • $1.03 per second

In other words, the building lost $30 — give or take — while you were reading this post.

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