Bleeding purple or just bleeding?

May 29, 2008

yahoo1.jpgYahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang says Microsoft just isn’t interested in a full merger these days.

His comments, his most extensive to date on the Microsoft merger drama, back up what had been the talk around town — that chances of a full-fledged merger between the two had dimmed considerably. Yang, however, did signal his company remained open to a potential deal.

“We did not walk away from that proposal. Microsoft did,” Yang said during an on-stage interview at the D: All Things Digital conference.

“Microsoft is no longer interested in buying the company, and we are talking about other things. We definitely have to understand what they’re proposing…they clearly have an interest in Yahoo, and we need to understand more,” Yang said.

A source familiar with the situation said last week that Microsoft has proposed buying Yahoo’s search business and taking a minority stake in the Web pioneer, but has stopped stopping short of reinitiating full merger negotiations.

Judging from the Wall Street Journal, Yang’s comments on stage reflect what’s happening between par putts on the golf course.  It reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Yang played a round of golf over the weekend to discuss Yahoo’s search advertising business. But there was no indication that Microsoft still wanted to take over Yahoo.

Back onstage, meanwhile, Yang took some time to defend his track record after nearly one year as CEO and told the audience he was the right person for the job.

“I do think I am the best person to lead Yahoo,” Yang said.

Or, according to the New York Times… “Asked why he should be the leader to take the company forward, Mr. Yang said it was about his ‘passion’ and the fact that he still ‘bleeds purple,’ a reference to the distinctive color of the company’s logo.”

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The problem is that if MS buys Yahoo and AOL sells ( why would they do that for pennies? ) as is been rumored, MS would control all the IM , text and video,available per example to Verizon Wireless costumers and others, will the FCC and FTC do anything ? do they care ? of course MS would love to control all IM video,text and voice, woudn’t anybody?, but that’s a monopoly…uuuups! that’s the last name of MS , i forgot…

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Microsoft will not suffer losses in case yahoo also faces loses.As the recession is allready there, no wonder any thing happen. therefore yahoo also wanted to minimize there risk.
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