Here it comes …. the 3G iPhone

June 9, 2008

“The big news is $399 to $199,” CEO Steve Jobs said of sharp price-cuts Apple is making on its iPhone 3G.


Eight-gigabyte 3G iPhone to be priced at $199


 16-gigabyte 3G iPhone at $299


3G iPhone features:

    • Jobs calls it iPhone 3G.
    • Offers two to four times faster speeds that existing models working on so-called 2.5G “Edge” networks, he says.
    • The phone offers GPS – Global Positioning Services for real-time location tracking on one’s iPhone.
    • Same 3.5 inch display.
    • Jobs says it is thinner at the edges and has “dramatically improved audio”
    • Promises five hours of 3G talk time. Five to six hours of Web browsing. Video viewing can run seven hours.
    • In the first year of sales, six million of first-generation iPhones have been sold, Jobs says.
    • The new phone will be available in 70 countries over the next few months — in 29 European countries, 15 Latin American countries and 8 in the Asia Pacific, not including China.
    • price: $199 for 8GB ; $299 for 16 GB
    • Available July 11, in more than 20 countries, with 70 by the end of the year, Jobs says. “We are going to be in 70 countries, this year,” he said.

A side-by-side demonstration of faster Web download speeds of iPhone 3G devives versus existing iPhone.


Promised improvements in battery life for selected functions on iPhone 3G: 


Here is a side shot of the slimmer iPhone 3G


A shot of the back of the new iPhone in black and white versions:


Apple head of worldwide sales and marketing Phil Schiller introduces MobileMe, a desktop-quality e-mail, calendar and contacts Web service. It’s a companion Web service for iPhone users. It’s priced at $99 a year and will be available in early July, he says.  

MobileMe provides automatic synchronization between an iPhone and the Web for e-mail, pictures and contacts. For example, a photo shot on the iPhone can instantly be uploaded to the Web using MobileMe. 

It offers drag-and-drop capability to move messages from inbox into folders. The service replaces Apple’s existing .Mac service.

“It’s feels like a desktop application,” Schiller boasts. He calls it (Microsoft) “Exchange for the rest of us.” 


Software Features

Jobs is back on stage and has begun ticking off new features in the iPhone 2.0 software:

  • A new “Contact search” application instead of making users go into phone application to find their list of contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Expands support for Microsoft PowerPoint to existing support for Microsoft Word and Excel applications.
  • Apple has added bulk delete and move features for messages.
  • The ability to save photos sent via message straight into photo application.
  • Apple has added parental controls to the iPhone.
  • The Apple iPhone Apps Store will be available in 62 countries.
  • Added language support for more than a dozen languages besides English.


Application Demos

Major League Baseball plans to offer video highlights of games around the league, minutes after they occur, on the iPhone via its application. 


Doctors are warming up to the iPhone as a tool for keeping track of patient information. Here is a demonstration for viewing medical imagery


An eBay auction demo


“Productivity deteriorates,” an Apple exec jokes after video game maker Sega shows its Super Monkey Ball game on the iPhone. He was describing the distraction the phone becomes to Apple engineers who have played the game.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage and describes how new iPhone 2.0 software will enable features for corporate enterprise users, including support for Microsoft Outlook e-mail users …

iPhone 2.0

You can find full coverage of Monday’s iPhone news here.

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WOW AMAZING. I AM SO EXCITED. Apple is revolutionizing cell phone technology! Everyone’s going to have an iPhone!

Posted by Victoria | Report as abusive

I can’t wait to buy a new iPhone!

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the 32Gig iPhone only to be stalled again… I guess I’ll extend my virgin mobile phone again until they finally put some real storage on this thing.

Posted by jeremy | Report as abusive

The other day I came across a scrawny homeless guys with a shaggy beard and a sign around his neck that said “Will work for food”. He had looked very very shabby and very poor. I stepped over to give him some money and at the same time his phone rang. He took an iPhone out of his pocket and started talkling (the older $400 phone). While I was happy for that guy (the fact that he had an iPhone), I was thinking “Where is the uniqueness of iPhone”? Do I want to have the same phone as the homeless guy? The point is, the “cool” factor of iPhone (forget about objectively looking at the features) died in my mind and I didn’t want it anymore….

Posted by iphone nada | Report as abusive

Don’t be fooled. The battery life (for the non-replaceable battery) like the Macbook Air is absurdly short…can run out mid-day if you do any talking. And, the idea that this phone is cheap is just a cheap trick. If you have an existing cell phone contract (like nearly everyone does) the cost is $599-$699.

Posted by Jim Moore | Report as abusive