The price of privacy at Sun Valley

July 9, 2008


Grudging acceptance is one way to describe Allen & Co.’s reception to the gaggle of reporters and photographers who show up at its annual mogul fest year after year like bad pennies.

There are ground rules and they change periodically. They mostly leave us alone and we mostly stay out of attendees’ ways, especially the press-shy contingent.

But this year, Allen & Co banned reporters from setting up in the beloved cafe at the Inn, where most of the morning presentations take place. We’ve relocated to the lobby, where five lucky reporters sit in chairs to file stories and photos. (It is next to a faux fireplace, so we’re not complaining. They also brought coffee for the photographers this morning.)

But thanks to thousands of dollars’ worth of shrubs that they placed between us and the moguls, it’s now harder to spot the table-hopping action. So, for now, no cafeteria report until I figure out a more efficient way to scope out the crowd. (I don’t know the exact total, but judging by the price tags on the shrubs, I’d say they plunked down somewhere between $4,300 and $6,110 )

What has stayed the same? We’re still escorted to the bathroom by private security.

(Photo: Reuters)

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