iPhone’s first chapter – a timely update

July 10, 2008

(Here’s an updated chronology. This first posted June 9)  




Jobs_iPhoneJanuary 9Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs unveils iPhone in the tech industry’s most anticipated new product introduction of the decade.

June 29 – Apple and U.S. carrier partner AT&T Inc start selling iPhone as technology enthusiasts form long lines outside Apple stores.Scoble

July 25 – After big build-up, first weekend sales figures reports disappoint investors. Apple and AT&T sold 270,000 iPhones in first 30 hours; but customers only activate 146,000 of the devices due to initial AT&T service problems.

Sept 5 Apple cuts price on iPhone with eight gigabytes of storage to $399 from $599. Discontinues sales of four-gigabyte version. Also introduces iPod Touch, an iPhone without the phone, with Wi-Fi connections.

letterSept 7 Apple offers $100 rebate to appease customers angered over iPhone price cut.

Sept 10 One millionth iPhone sold 74 days after launch.

Sept 24 – Apple warns users against unlocking iPhones to work with network carriers other than Apple’s exclusive U.S. partner, AT&T.

Europe_iPhoneNov 9 Apple introduces iPhone in Europe through exclusive deals in Britain with 02, in Germany with T-Mobile, and in France with Orange.

Dec 3Apple sued for patent infringement related to iPhone’s visual voicemail feature by Klausner Technologies Inc.

Dec 31 – Apple sold 3.7 million iPhones in its first six months on sale.


KeyboardFeb 5 – Apple introduces 16-gigabyte iPhone for $499.

March 6 – Apple says its plans to enable corporate e-mail on iPhones, pitting it against business e-mail market leader Research in Motion and its Blackberry line of devices.  Apple offers tools for independent developers to build iPhone software.

SmartphonesMarch 31Apple has sold 5.4 million iPhone units to date. Apple ranks as world’s third largest maker of smartphones, with 5.3 percent versus mobile phone giant Nokia’s 45.2 percent and Blackberry-maker Research in Motion’s 13.4 percent, market researcher Gartner Inc says.

April 23Apple CFO reaffirms the company’s original mid-2007 goal of selling 10 million iPhone units by the end of 2008. Out_of_stock

April/May – Apple stores run out of iPhones. Apple announces plans with carriers in South Asia to sell iPhones in Australia, India, the Philippines and Singapore.

June 9 – Apple unveils 3G iPhone, with faster Web links than its predecessor and the ability to support third-party applications such as games and email. The eight-gigabyte 3G iPhone is priced at $199, while the 16-gigabyte phone is priced at $299. 

July 11 – iPhone 3G goes on sale in 22 countries. Fans around Asia queue for two days before the phone’s launch. Websites are swamped with early orders. 

Reuters iPhone 3G coverage
Sources: (Reuters, Apple Inc, SeekingAlpha.com, Gartner Inc)
(Photos: Reuters, Apple Inc, Scoble: Brian Solis/Flickr.com)

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Great chronology. I hope the new 3G iPhone resolves all the current iPhone bugs and limitations. If it does, it is going to be a market changer and was the reason I bought the stock. See more at : http://www.savingtoinvest.com/2008/06/my -shiny-new-iphone-and-why-i-bought.html

Great to discover this blog!


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