Lord and his ring

July 11, 2008


Attention media reporters: Rupert Murdoch, probably the most important man on your beat, has lost his wedding ring. Last seen in the Sun Valley Lodge lobby.

Murdoch stumbled out of the Lodge bar on Thursday around midnight, where a ridiculously high-powered assemblage of media and tech moguls got sloshed. Instead of making a bee-line for the exit as most of the guests were doing, Murdoch, married to third wife Wendi Deng, was spotted hunting around the lobby. He told us he had lost his wedding ring.

So began a frantic 15-minute scramble among reporters hungry to please the mogul (me included), hoping to recover the ring and land an exclusive interview. No such luck. Still missing.

(Photo: Reuters)


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I’m a big fan of Mr. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. It seems to me, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, that this article’s comparing The One Ring to Mr. Murdoch’s wedding ring is inappropriate. Firstly, a wedding ring is not evil.

Is Mr. Li being stereotypical about marriage (which I find to be the greatest relationship that there can be between a woman and a man)? Perhaps.

Secondly, linking Tolkien’s masterwork and Middle Earth to Mr. Murdoch’s business empire seems just a bit out of balance.

I don’t think this article is humorous.

I do, however, sympathize with any husband who loves his wife and loses his wedding band…the perpetual symbol of their union and life together.

OK Jack

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OK Jack,
Actually, it’s far less sinister than you think. I used the picture of the Ring merely to illustrate an important ring. I couldn’t find anything else in our pictures archive that would have conveyed the importance of the item. The picture of the One Ring has no other significance beyond that.
Apologies if i’ve offended.

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You would think, what with being a gazillionatire Evil Sith Lord and all, that ‘ol Rupe could have scored hisself a more upscale trophywife than “Wendi-with-an-i”…

OK Jack: Get out of your parent’s basement and go on a date with a RealGirl. Your RealDoll(tm) won’t mind one bit.

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Ha, I thought he lost his precious – and that would have been an epic story. This one was just ok.

Posted by marleyinoc | Report as abusive

Was his wife there when he lost the ring? Makes me wonder why it came off…

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

I do, however, sympathize with any husband who loves his wife and loses his wedding band…the perpetual symbol of their union and life together


Posted by Sohbet | Report as abusive

Bad fortune. How many years is he married?

Posted by Lord of the rings fan | Report as abusive