Skaters, time to ride … the Wii

July 16, 2008

Electronic Arts is taking its popular “Skate” game to another level with the introduction of “Skate It” made exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii and DS.

“Skate It” follows a similar storyline as its predecessor, but it gets players off the couch and onto their Wii Fit Balance Boards. A player’s body weight on the balance board controls their turns and jumps on the skateboard.e3-july-15-038.JPG

If you’re a skateboarder or snowboarder, don’t be too confident. The game’s not as easy as it looks as our reporter Jennifer Martinez (not pictured)  found out when she got off to a rocky (and embarrassing) start to the game.

But fear not, after three or four tries she got the hang of the making turns and jump grabs on the balance board.

But you don’t need a balance board to play the game, the Wii Remote and Nunchuck can also control your ollies and kick flips. The stylus takes care of these functions on the DS.


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Looks good, I’m still waiting for a lightsaber/sword fighting game to come out, but this will do for now

Posted by Rudeboy Stu | Report as abusive

Ugh, looks like a complete waste of time to me. I’d take my shred sled and a sunny afternoon at the park over any video game. The thrill of skating and surfing is intimately linked to a person’s actual surroundings. This includes people, “in the way” and “bros”. Video games try, but will never be a replacement to the real thing. But, more fools on the couch zoning out playing games means less people in the way. Still, get off the couch and get out here! We miss you. Love Jeff

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Once in a while a good video game is all we need to relieve some of the stresses of the day to day grind. Games like this will never be a replacement for actual skateboarding, but not everyone can be Tony Hawk! It would be great to see games like this on more mobile platforms, especially the Motorola Krave. ( With it’s full touch screen keypad, blue tooth connectivity and flip open design, the krave is definitely a phone worth checking out. Has anyone else used or seen the krave?

Posted by m goode | Report as abusive