Sirius XM: Are you ready for some radio?

July 29, 2008

New Sirius Logo

The marathon satellite merger for Sirius and XM is finally complete. (Check out the new “Sirius XM Radio” logo, above, provided by Sirius.)

That means new channel options, new pricing options, new radios — eventually.

We want to know if you care. Does the prospect of having Oprah and Howard Stern on your radio make you want to sign up for satellite radio? Will you start paying for the service once the free subscription in your new car runs out? Does the thought of the upcoming professional football season mean it’s time to pick up a satellite radio?

We’d like to know.


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I have Sirius and I’ve listened to XM and gone through their stations. As a Sirius subscriber, there is honestly nothing on XM I want. Siriusly.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Too long…too much. Must be to placate XM. This was an acquisition of XM by Sirius. It should be called Sirius.

Posted by Jiminy Cricket | Report as abusive

Sounds good to me. My big dilemma has been having to choose between baseball and Howard. Now I won’t have to decide on that, just whether I want to pay the sky-rocketed price. Should be interesting.

Posted by andy | Report as abusive

I have XM and don’t really like it all the much. I’m hoping to cherrypick the best programming of both now, but don’t really feel like buying a new radio. Unless they subsidize a new radio purchase, I will probably cancel, but will take a wait and see attitude for now.

Posted by randy | Report as abusive

I think xm is definitely getting the better end of the bargain. As a Howard Stern listener I feel his talent eclipses any personality on terrestrial, or satellite. Listen to Howard for at least one week before you say you hate him.

Posted by tman | Report as abusive

I have 4 XM subscriptions. I haven’t listened to very much terrestrial radio since 2003. I hope that this merger helps to strengthen satellite radio’s chances for survival, and I hope that new combined-company CEO Mel Karmazin doesn’t ruin what I’ve grown to love.

For those who just don’t understand subscription radio, it is more than just a computerized jukebox or MP3 player – it is quality programming and diverse musical and talk choices that you DO NOT GET on terrestrial radio anymore.

Posted by ron | Report as abusive

Howard Stern, commercial free music. I pay for those two things…. I will continue to do so.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

I will find the stations I like from both and will pay their price. I am a true believer in the technology and appreciate their efforts to merge. I will listen to Howard, Classical Pops and Old Time Classics and whatever I like from the XM line up.

Posted by dugie | Report as abusive

I am very glad this has finally happend. I have had XM radio for a number of years. I have always wanted to be able to get NFL games. My biggest concern is the equiptment. My wife just purchased a Nissan Rogue, it cam with the XM radio as part of the sound system. If that had to be modified to get the new station;s, I believe we would just cancel our subscription.

Posted by Robeo | Report as abusive

I love XM for home and road.
I need MLB and Ron & Fez(noon – 3).
Looking forward to Sirius’s NPR and football.
XM has great exclusive music shows on XMX 2.
Enjoy laughing at stand-up comedians.

Posted by Martin | Report as abusive

I am happy about this merger. I had XM and my husband had Sirius (for Howard Stern – although I’m not a fan). I will wait to buy a radio with both capabilities.

Posted by Rain | Report as abusive

I’ve had Sirius satellite radio for 16 months and I will never go back to regular terrestrial radio. I’m glad this merger has happened if it will be good for the satellite radio industry. It really is the best radio on radio. The Blues station alone is worth the price of admisssion.

Posted by buzz50 | Report as abusive

I am picking up a pattern. It seems people with XM don’t like it or will cancel. People with Sirius love it and will never go back. As someone who has had both, I hope that the merger won’t mess with the format/programming that I have grown to love on Sirius. I just could never find anything to listen to on XM. Howard is also a huge plus…

Posted by SkyePost | Report as abusive

I have a lifetime subscription of Sirius and have three XM radios. Two built into my cars and a plug and play I bring along for my UPS Truck with the Sirius. I love them both and glad to hear the merge is finally here. I hope I can transfer my XM Radio to the lifetime plan. The XM satellites work better in my area than the Sirius

Posted by Anthony | Report as abusive

I have XM, use it at HOME on a home radio, at work on a computer & have no interest in talk stations, Howard Stern or anyone else. I enjoy XM’s Musical channels, particularly Classical, and the BBC’s world channel with everything. Sirius has the Met and nothing else of interest to me. So nope, I won’t be buying a new radio, or cherry picking. I don’t want Sirius at all. As far as I’m concerned I have the best, XM Radio. And Bob Dylan & MLB too!!

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

I’m a Sirius subscriber and find myself disgusted whenever I have to listen to fm radio. Who wants to hear static filled car dealership commercials?? Satellite radio is the future; people who value quality will pay for it and this merger is definitely in the best interest of the consumer. Those who continue to listen to static will benefit as well seeing as clear channel will now be forced to compete with sirius-xm to keep listeners. That means less commercials and better programming.

The biggest sham of this merger is that the FCC is forcing sirius-xm to making programming for minorities. Satellite radio already has latin music, jazz, rap, rock, pop, world music, politics, news, comedy, channels in Spanish & Korean, and personalities like Jamie Foxx and Oprah. I guess the FCC feels minorities don’t appreciate that stuff. A little insulting if you ask me.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

I have XM becuase I worship at the feet of Air America, not I am worried will I have to get a new radio so I worship Baba Booey?

Posted by Don Kosin | Report as abusive

Since departing the terrestrial radio (the dinosaur that will soon pass as T-Rex did) in 2006, I have enjoyed Sirius every single day and have not looked back. Although I originally left to continue enjoying the Howard Stern show (the show is 100X better than it ever was on terrestrial), I have also enjoyed the variety of music, talk, sports and comedy that are available on Sirius. What could be better than commercial-free radio? Similar to the experience of digital video recorders (DVR, Tivo, etc), commercial-free listening will undoubtedly become the entertainment of choice amongst the masses. I look forward to the day I can receive both XM and Sirius on the same device. Kudos to Mel Karmazin for bringing this to fruition. Down with commercial-driven radio and FCC interference with my entertainment. Long live satellite radio!! And a baba-booey to y’all.

Posted by Dogstar Fan | Report as abusive

I allready have xm Will I have to pay more for Sirius

Posted by arthur randall | Report as abusive

If I can get O&A/Ron&Fez plus the NFL….I will be one happy camper.

Posted by Steelhack | Report as abusive

I have had XM for several years now. I really enjoy listening to commercial free music. As long as the new company keeps that up, I will be happy. I guess the merger makes it easier to choose a stereo (for car or home) because you won’t have to worry if it is XM ready or Sirius ready.

Posted by Louie Alvarez | Report as abusive

I have XM at home and work at home. XM110 classics or XM112 vox is on 24/7 and sounds great, almost as good as playing your own CD. 35 cents a day for no damn commercials is a helluva bargain. My big question is what happens when programming is shared, what will I lose, and will the ala carte scheme save some money? Stay tuned!

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

As an XM subscriber I have a few channels that I subscribe for. If those channels go away I will have no reason to keep on paying.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I have had XM for over three years and really do enjoy it. I drive for a living in areas where AM & FM radio reception is very poor. So it is my constant companion. Excellent sound quality and a lot of variety in music choices. If one is better than the other I think it is a very subjective choice and just boils down to personal taste. Hope fully we will get the best of both.

On another note. Why does anyone listen to Howard Stern? I certainly would not pay money to listen to his drivel.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Does anyone know when you will be able to get all the stations??

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive

I have had Sirius for 2 1/2 years, and I never listen to terrestrial radio anymore. I do not, for the life of me, understand why this technology and product have met so much resistance from the American consuner!? One listen and I was hooked. It literally obsoletes terrestrial radio, but try convincing the millions of ignorant, misinformed people in this country! It is almost as if they are brainwashed; this thing should be at least as popular as the i-pod – it’s that good!

Posted by Steven O’Farrell | Report as abusive

I have XM for the Red sox and look forward to getting patriots coverage with the merger. ALso one huge difference you Sirius folks are missing is Fusion Fridays on XM so I am hoping for a fusion station full time…. sow we can all RTF.

Posted by Tony DeStefano | Report as abusive

All my sports in one easy place plus I hope a FUSION stations full time~!!

Posted by Tony DeStefano | Report as abusive

I’ve had XM for about 2 years – I do enjoy it (I’m not a Howard fan) primarily for the baseball coverage. I do want to hear Chris Russo’s new show, however, and this brings me to the question of what programming will be shared… There should be one set of programming for either kind of radio. I also signed up for XM Weather data, which I don’t think Sirius carries. Lastly, I do experience quite a few dropouts in my area of Northern NJ; sometimes just a large tree canopy will cause a drop out.

Posted by Earl Voss | Report as abusive

I have been a subscriber to Sirius since 2006, and I am thoroughly disheartened with the new format. All of my favorite stations have been completely revamped and the on air personalities removed. Sirius was like old time FM without the commercials, laid back and loose. Now the corporate greed mongers have taken over and it sounds like any terrestrial radio station without the commercials. Give it a few more years and they will start sneaking the commercials in, and it will be like cable TV, paying for content and commercials. I will not be renewing my subscription. I can get the same effect with a subsription to Rh*****y or I T***s or any number of other outlets and an MP3 player. That way I hear what I want when I want. Look for my Sirius Starmate receiver and Boombox on E-B**

Posted by Steve Grey | Report as abusive