What’s Apple got in store for 9/9?

September 2, 2008

apple.jpgCircle the date in your calendar. September 9. That’s when Apple Inc is planning an event in San Francisco — an event that most believe will showcase the latest new gadget from Steve Jobs & Co.

Apple isn’t saying much, other than sending out an invitation to reporters with the headline “Let’s Rock.” But Apple’s reluctance to spill the beans hasn’t kept others from chattering. Indeed, when it comes to Apple, commentators can’t resist speculating about two subjects: Steve Jobs’ health and new products.

Forbes’ Brian Caulfield even combined the two into a recent column, entitled “Five Things Steve Jobs Must Do Before He Dies.” He lists 1). A tablet computer. 2). A television 3). A remote control 4). A Digital Book 5). Another personal computer.

As for September 9, Gizmodo jokes that although the invitation just shows the well-known iPod silhouette, “if you look at it carefully, there may be other hints.”

That guy is wearing huge sport shoes. Maybe huge feet are required. Maybe the new iPods will have 7-plate 20GB Winchester drives and you will be able to sue them to work out your biceps at the gym.

It concludes, however…

Knowing that Apple usually teases a bit when something really exciting is coming up, I have the sinking feeling that this is going to be a very boring event.

AppleInsider says the “appearance and wording of the digital documents” indicate that Apple will unveil something music-related rather than, say, a new Mac notebook.

Ars Technica takes a similar line, saying “there is currently nothing indicating that this will be a combined iPod-Mac event (which falls in line with recent buzz), but it’s widely expected that Apple will introduce a new iPod nano design along with possible iPod touch price drops.” 

CNET also sees Apple unveiling a revamped iPod Nano or a revamped iPod Touch, and wisely notes that launching September 9 “gives Apple plenty of time to build distribution and marketing for new iPods ahead of the holiday shopping season.”

Well, we’ll know in just a week. In the meantime, feel free to take your best shot at what we should expect.



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i have heard there was “now playing” as well on the invite. with blue ray winning and evrything going HD and right now apple has no HD drives i think there will a bludrive announcment, and that MBP will now have BR drives

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

I heard from CNET’s podcast that the Beatles were coming to itunes and thats why we would be “Rocking”

Posted by Matthew Arkin | Report as abusive

[…] unless Apple is unveiling a netbook on their September 9th “Music Event”, I’ll be ordering a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 on […]

Posted by Checkpoint: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Edition | | Report as abusive

i’m buying MBP on 8th september. looks like i’ll have to postpone another day :(

i hope they come up with a price drop hehe

Posted by Aningbo Niumai | Report as abusive