Coke, IBM, Microsoft rank as top brands

September 18, 2008

coke.jpgMedia consultant Interbrand has issued a new study about the hottest brands in the world — and tech and media companies put on a strong showing.

Coca-Cola took the top spot in the agency’s 2008 study, which probably isn’t surprising given its famous ad campaigns and the countless red-and-white cans of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, etc. sold every day around the world.

IBM came in second, followed by Microsoft, General Electric, and Nokia. Intel also cracked the top 10. And the two biggest movers this year were Google, which jumped 10 spots to No. 10, and Apple, which jumped 9 spots to No. 24.

Oh, by the way, financial services like Citi, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch were among the brands that dropped the most on the list — and that’s before this week’s upheaval.

Jez Frampton, global chief executive of Interbrand, says there appears to be a correlation between how a brand is perceived and how well the stock performs. The top brands tend to outperform the stock market — brands on the decline tend to underperform the market.

“Someone once told me, ‘Nothing kills a great brand better than a bad business,'” Jez told us.

He also believes that now — during an economic slump — is the time companies should really work on building their brands. “You should be concentrating harder on the importance of your brand during down times. There is evidence that the time to think hard is right now.”

(Photo: Reuters)


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well being coke on top, does not sound exciting, y’cos its just a soft drink or have few drinks under its brand and does not/cannot affect human life so much so as microsoft does or General Electric or Nokia or for that matter there so many other brands and companies which affect humans and the society in a very effective manner which changes huan life. hope things would change in the future and more brand value would be given to brands for human life.

Posted by swami kurupati | Report as abusive

Coke can do plenty for humanity – just not directly. They have scholarships, they donate…a _lot_…I mean, just because they sell soft drinks doesn’t mean they don’t help people. They just do it with their money, not their drinks. I mean, yea, they could make a much bigger impact, but just the more powerful their brand is (in terms of money and notoriety), the more resources they have for such projects.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

I’m suprised that apple is No. 24. I would have thought it would be higher than IBM. Shows how important the business technology market is.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive