Google’s Android phone: An (updated!) first look

September 23, 2008

The T-Mobile G1

Here’s Google and T-Mobile’s image of their long-awaited T-Mobile G1 phone. And here are some of our own pictures hot off of the presses.

Executives hold the new G1 phone running Google’s Android software in New York

Google’s Android

The new phone, available late in October, comes in three colors (white, black and brown), features advanced search tools, a full web browser, simple access to Google applications including Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube, and access to Android Market, where users can get games, music, and also shop.

So, are you itching to pick one up? Would you trade in your iPhone or other mobile handset for a G1?


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I can’t use one because T-Mobile’s service is spotty at best in my area. (Stanley, Virginia) I like the idea of it but the iPhone looks nicer for the same price. Once the market has it’s way with this phone (goin’ down!) and service gets better in my neck of the woods then I could see buying one. The fact that the add on applications are free helps my perception of it as well.

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Looks nice though a bit bulky? (can’t tell from the pics shown). I’m from Mexico City and let me tell you that I waited for the iPhone arrival with much eagerness but with a great disappointment I realized that Telcel (Mexican mobile company) was abusing in prices and service contracts. I’ll be in Dallas this November so I hope I can get a G1 phone functional for Mexico. Got my cell phone and my iPod Touch…..for now.

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[…] Reuers posted some more info and ask: “So, are you itching to pick one up? Would you trade in your iPhone or other mobile […]

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I’m disappointed that the phone incorporates a keyboard – I’d have preferred a thinner more robust device that relied upon handwriting recognition for data entry.

I was hoping for a big leap forward with technology – this disappoints.

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