New York Times bulks up on business, tech

September 23, 2008

Watching financial markets burn like toast highlights an interesting trend: the journalism business might be in trouble, but business journalism is only getting hotter. CNBC, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Fox Business (plus one or two news wires) are trying to elbow each other out of the way for the latest scoop. The New York Times, which has been no slouch, is the latest to bulk up.

Here’s the top of a press release that the paper is sending out on Tuesday:

The New York Times announced today significant expansions of its online business coverage with a redesigned Technology section, the introduction of an Economy section and Green Inc., a blog on energy and the environment, and enhancements to The Times’s mobile site. In the coming months, will expand the Small Business, Personal Technology and Your Money sections; introduce more journalists; deepen coverage within its DealBook franchise; and continue to add new tools and multimedia features throughout its online and mobile business pages.

Business Editor Larry Ingrassia in the release calls it a major reinvention of the business and technology sections, adding: “We are hiring more Web journalists, bringing outside expertise to the site and strengthening our coverage.” The announcement follows the Times’s decision to start running the Breakingviews business opinion column recently dropped by the Journal.

We’re curious about whether that means they’re hiring journalists to work specifically for the website or if this means they’re hiring more reporters overall. We left a message for Ingrassia and will update this blog when he calls back. (Ingrassia called back: More reporters yes, but at the Times it’s not a question of online-vs-print, it’s simply more reporters.)

The announcement is also the official introduction of the latest members of the tech team, Vindu Goel, Sam Grobart, Claire Cain Miller and Ashlee Vance, as well as more prominent placement of blogs like “Bits” and expanded coverage areas such as enterprise technology and venture capital.

The Times also will feature outside blog contributions from GigaOm, Venture Beat and ReadWriteWeb. This is a very interesting trend in newspaper websites at the moment — recognizing, as new media guru Jeff Jarvis has repeatedly said, that news outlets should focus on what they do best and link to the rest

A new section for economics coverage will feature the Economix blog, focusing on the global economy. It will include contributions from: Alan Krueger of Princeton University; Edward Glaeser of Harvard University; Bob McTeer, a former president and chief executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Hung Huang, a Beijing-based entrepreneur; and Uwe E. Reinhardt of Princeton University.

And because green is the most popular color of 2008, the Times will start a blog called Green Inc, focusing on how businesses and consumers are responding to climate change and the scarcity of fossil fuels.


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i always love NY times and good at business talking…
maybe it’s better for me, you know what?
i think NY time who will take alot money away!haha… le-Blog-Archive-New-York-Times-bulks-up- on-business

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I am happy that the NYT wil have a section devoted to green tech. I already love BIts

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