Netflix sponsors its own Clockwork Orange

October 6, 2008

chariots_of_fire.jpgRemember that scene in the movie “A Clockwork Orange” when they force open Malcolm McDowell’s eyes and make him watch and watch and watch the screen some more?

That’s got to be what it’s like for the remaining two of the eight original contestants in the Movie-Watching World Championship.

The gang has been sitting in a tent in Times Square since Thursday (on the island formed by 43rd St and Broadway and Seventh Ave) doing nothing but watching movies and trying to stay awake. The winner gets $10,000 in cash, a lifetime membership to Netflix, the movie delivery service that is sponsoring the contest and the “Netflix Popcorn Bowl” trophy. (Netflix for its part cut its fourth-quarter forecast for revenue growth and subscriber on Monday, which took a Berlin Alexanderplatz-sized bite out of its stock price, so the contest might have proved escapist fun for the company’s executives.)

Gizmodo has the rules, but we bring you the entire movie list (57 scheduled titles plus 16 extras — just in case) with the running times in minutes.

There have been some replacements and cancellations, but for those of you who want to know what people have been staying awake all weekend to watch, here’s the list in its painful glory:

Iron Man 125
Best in Show 90
Ghostbusters 105
Inside Man 129
Elvira — Mistress of the Dark 96
The English Patient 162
The Matrix 136
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Aliens 154
Dodgeball 92
A Night at the Opera 92
Star Wars IV: A New Hope 123
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
West Side Story 152
Fletch 98
Baby Mama 99
Batman Begins 140
Spider-Man 121
Superman II 127
On the Town 98
Braveheart 177
Rent 135
Young Frankenstein 102
The Sound of Music 174
Raiders of the Lost Ark 115
Fearless 104
Silverado 133
Memento 113
Meatballs 94
One Crazy Summer 93
Can’t Hardly Wait 101
Dave 110
The Manchurian Candidate 127 (Original version)
The American President 115
Rudy 114
Leatherheads 114
Friday Night Lights 118
Saawariya 138
Casino Royale 144
Mr. and Mrs. Smith 120
The Bourne Identity 119
The Peacemaker 124
I Am Legend 100
Sweet Smell of Success 96
The Sure Thing 95
When Harry Met Sally 96
The Secret of My Success 111
The Insider 158
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 121
The Devil Wears Prada 109
The Hunt for Red October 135
Apollo 13 140
Chariots of Fire 124
Miracle 136
Clerks 92
The Court Jester 101
Bob Roberts 102

Remember the Titans 114
Baby Mama 99
Enchanted 107
Doctor Zhivago 200
Dead Man Walking 122
Star Wars IV: A New Hope 123
Jaws 124
Chicago 113
Dances With Wolves 236
Singin’ in the Rain 103
Die Hard 132
Grease 110
Clerks 92
Bad Boys II 147
Braveheart 177
Hairspray 117

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)


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That is a contest that is worthwhile =)

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

Appropriately, Dead Man Walking and Die Hard are two of the emergency DVDs. How many of them fell asleep during The English Patient?

Posted by DigitalNick | Report as abusive

You make a note for Manchurian Candidate, but which Willy Wonka and which Casino Royale?

Posted by bruce | Report as abusive

What happens when they have to use the restroom?

Posted by Jen | Report as abusive

[…] If the Movie-Watching Championship were being held in Minneapolis instead of Times Square, I would have said, sign me up. Down from the initial eight on Thursday morning, two contestants are vying for $10,000, a Guiness World Record Title, a lifetime subscription to Netflix (oh yeah, and a “Netflix Popcorn Bowl” trophy, which I’m sure is the main reason for playing). As far as I can tell, the contest is still going. The list of movies and my original source can be found here. […]

Posted by notanotherjen » Blog Archive » I have just one question | Report as abusive