A big name in advertising with a big idea

October 31, 2008

In advertising, you don’t get much bigger than Procter & Gamble — or much smaller than a start-up with your name on the door. But it seems Jim Stengel, the former P&G global marketing head, figures he can make something big out of the small company he’s launching on Monday, Jim Stengel LLC.

Indeed, in the release announcing the new venture, which wasn’t a very well-kept secret, he says the goal of the company is “to accelerate a movement to deeply rethink and transform the roles and meaning of marketing and branding.”

Now that’s big.

Basically, Stengel’s philosophy is that marketing should be purpose-based, meaning advertising should address the fundamental question of how a company helps make a customer’s life better.

Or as the Wall Street Journal put it earlier this week: The well-known adman maintains that the idea of “purpose” isn’t just the latest cooked-up marketing-speak. He says dozens of companies and brands have used this approach. He points to P&G’s Pampers brand, which several years ago decided it had a higher purpose: helping moms develop healthy, happy babies, rather than just keeping babies’ bottoms dry.

So how does Stengel get the rest of the advertising world on board? He says he’s going to write a book, consult with business leaders, and land some speaking engagements. It’s a little different than pitching Pampers, Head & Shoulders, or Tide, but you never know…

(Photo: Reuters)


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Procter & Gamble, through its Connect and Develop website, does a good job of discovering what its customers want and need. What it needs to improve is its response to the consumer. The consumer, as a contributor, needs actual confirmation that his or her ideas are of value. The consumer believes equality does exist, or wants to believe that. Procter & Gamble personnel should remember to consider when the contributor is an INDIVIDUAL, the game is different. Corporations pay INDIVIDUALS to be productive, and when the customer becomes contributor, more than coupons or a form e-mail or letter should be offered. Contact through telephone or signed letter or even more human seeming e-mails would be productive and give the customer satisfaction.

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