Sirius XM subs hate/love channel mashup

November 14, 2008

As if Sirius XM Radio didn’t have enough to worry about (like trying to figure out how to pay its debt and cope with the U.S. auto industry’s flameout) now its got to deal with customers grumbling about its radio stations. Some are threatening to quit the service.

That’s right, subscribers are ticked off about what they are hearing on their radios. Not the radios themselves or the quality of the signal or any of that techniclal stuff — we are talking about the actual radio content that subscribers pay $13 or more to hear each month.

Sirius this week unveiled a new channel lineup that combines XM and Sirius’ rock, pop, talk, punk, hip-hop, classical, country, jazz and sports stations. Together, it’s a robust offering of audio content, which may impress new customers. Long time listeners, familiar to particular channels playlists and on-air talent, are speaking up on blogs after the surprise shift.

Tech blogger Dave Zatz said this on his blog, Zatz Not Funny!:

“See ya, XM. I was on the fence and you pushed. Our time together has been mostly positive, but the massive lineup modifications yesterday without any advance notification isn’t the proper way to treat your customers. So I’m walking. “

The chatter is even hotter over at Ryan Saghir’s Orbitcast and the XMFan bulletin board, where thousands have weighed in. Some, for example, are pleased that the XM system that came installed in their new car now gives them access to Sirius channels they had heard before. Most of the comments however, sound like the Hatfields moved in with the McCoys and, as you would expect with rivals, hate each others taste in music.

A taste:

* “Last night, in the car, I did something I had not done in a long time…I listened to a cd. I will not keep my subscriptions if the formats remain “Sirius” ized. I’ve already purchased a car adapter for my ipod.”

* “My wife and daughter are peeved. They liked Kid Stuff on Sirius.” 

* “Mel Karmazin is determined to boost iPod sales.”

I know how they feel: most of the preset stations on my satellite radio were shifted, and two of my favorite channels — a contemporary R&B and an old school hip hop station — are gone. But it’s still mostly commercial free, and I can still get my fill of funk on “70s on 7″.

What is your take on the programming changes on Satellite Radio? Are you happy? Or maybe thinking of playing your iPod in the car from now on?

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It definitely sucks for people who lost a channel that they loved listening to. However, it had to be expected that some of the redundancy be eliminated. If that’s what it takes to keep satellite radio afloat, I’m for it. They will always be making programming changes…some we’ll like…some we won’t. Right now, I’m willing to sacrifice Squizz for a few months while the $$ gets back on track.

Posted by Newmania | Report as abusive

at least bring back BACKSPIN… and I’ll be fine… i can deal with the other channels and I will remain a loyal listener.


Posted by grant | Report as abusive

I like Jazz. I like my jazz with an edge. Beyond Jazz is gone. No more fusion. Where will I get any Miles Davis later than 1968? And POTUS went from great political coverage to just another conservative talk station. I don’t need 5 conservative talk stations. I’m not leaving, because what’s left is better than commercial radio, but I was happier before.

Posted by Allen E | Report as abusive

A lot of parents with younger children are upset about the loss of Kid Stuff. It was the perfect channel for preschoolers and younger. They played lullabyes overnight, which is perfect for babies. The XM “equivalent” is geared toward older kids, with lots of talk and (shudder) Hannah Montana. No thanks.

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

i published an article about this yesterday.

in my case, it was a particular sirius channel that’s been deleted (Disorder). frankly, i was surprised by the amount of email i received afterwards.

Posted by Mark Saleski | Report as abusive

The shift in programming has multiple issues that have listeners upset. Firstly, it came without any warning – even just 24 hours before it happened, the XM website reflected no hints whatsoever that a change was coming down the pike. It was a pretty shady move.

Secondly, many of the Sirius channels that replaced XM favorites aren’t as close of matches as Sirius XM would like listeners to think (and possibly Sirius listeners are thinking the same about the XM channels that replaced their favorites).

And even where they were reasonable matches, often, the Sirius version comes with a much shallower, more mainstream playlist that warrants much more frequent repitition.

But at least they got the sound quality issues rectified; when it first went down, the sound in my car went from better than FM to worse than AM overnight. But that’s been fixed. So maybe the rest of the problems will be fixed, too.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Long time user (6 years) and love XM radio. Then Nov 12th, my favorite station suddenly went off the air. XM The System 82 is now only online. I dont want to listen online, I want it in my car. I am canceling my radio and using my Iphone which streams hundreds of channels (VisualRadio) for free, though only works with strong 3G signals. XM could at least have sent me an email or letter telling me of the changes.

Posted by John C | Report as abusive

I like most of the changes made by the combination of channels. I don’t know why there is so much outcry about this. Sirius and XM had similar channels. They simply made it so no channels overlapped.

Posted by Patrick Smith | Report as abusive

I am extremely mad about the changes. I have been a Sirius subscriber for over 5 years and this is the worst thing they could ever do. They took off 4 of my favorite channels and did not replace the genre at all with any of them. The suggestions they give are horrible.

I have already hooked up my IPOD in my car for permanent play. I am very close to canceling my subscription.

Posted by Keith | Report as abusive

I like most of the changes made by the combination of channels. I don’t know why there is so much outcry about this. Sirius and XM had similar channels. They simply made it so no channels overlapped.
There are still channels that play all genres of music, children’s programs, news, sports, comedy, etc. I think the deletion of overlapping channels was a way to cut costs to stay in business. I for one hope they stay in business so I don’t have to switch back to FM and hear a half hour of stupid commercials every hour.
Some people say they will switch to the iPod and get rid of Sirius or XM. There are Players that do Satellite Radio and MP3’s that are similarly priced to the iPod. The Sirius Stilettos are a good example and I’m sure XM has something similar.
I am mostly happy with the changes but I do think it would be nice if each subscriber would have been given the ability to chose which stations they got to keep. For instance you could chose between Buzzsaw and Boneyard or for your children you could chose between Kid Stuff and Kids Place Live. However, I still believe they just needed to cut overlapping channels to save some money. Sorry I was so long winded!!!!

Posted by Patrick Smith | Report as abusive

I agree entirely. I am afraid that the “harsher” side of Sirius is invading XM. Below is a note I sent today to the folks at their POTUS channel via this feedback page. ch=130

I understand that with the merger there are many programming changes that occur.

I wanted to let you know that I am concerned about the direction of the POTUS channel. This morning at 8:30 EST it was very jarring to hear a harsh shrill “station identificatioN” for POTUS that then sequed into the “big music” of the morning briefing.

I also did not enjoy the segment somewhere between 8:35 and 8:45 wtih Pete Dominick interviewing someone about the auto industry. It sounded too much like the shouting heads on cable news. I am not looking for shouting heads in the morning. What I have always enjoyed about POTUS is the in depth interviews and analysis with political insiders. During the election this would involve interviewing Democratic and Republican spokespersons, but not having them on at the same time for an argument. POTUS to me is like an enhanced NPR. If this devolves too much, I may look to cancel my subscription and just return to listening to my local NPR affiliate.

Posted by Peter Zenger | Report as abusive

those of you talking about redundancy or duplicate stations have obviously not have your favorite genre replaced. There is NO old school hip hop channel and NO classic dance/freestyle/disco channel. The new lineup is geared to a regular FM audience. Goodbye after 5 years.

Posted by jodi | Report as abusive

I too don’t like the fact that Sirius and XM have “combined” channel lineups. For one, the music is now CENSORED! That’s my biggest complaint! Hits 1 on SIRIUS has always been censored, but now it seems as if ALL the music stations are censored! Why would I pay $13 ($17 if you add “The Best of XM”) for censored music that I can get for free?! Secondly, the music lineup for hip-hop/R&B is far from $13/month worthy! They could have added some XM channels, only broadening their lineup, instead they’ve constricted their programming. I guess this merger, that I supported, will now send me to potentially cancelling my membership.

Posted by Andre | Report as abusive

I was absolutely stunned when I turned on my receiver the other morning, and found Beyond Jazz (the ONLY source ANYWHERE for modern jazz) gone, and XM Chill all but destroyed. I called my wife, who at the same time discovered some of her favorite XM channels were deleted as well. What executive management at XM-Sirius did was unconscionable, and I cannot believe they would make wholesale changes to this service without at least soliciting some degree of subscriber input. In my mind, they have turned SATRAD into pay FM, and management stripped the company of any competitive advantage over commercial radio. An action like this could only have been taken with the intent to alienate the subscriber base, and in turn destroy the company.

For what it’t worth to the rest of you readers, I called XM on the morning of the 12th to cancel all three of my subs (we’ve been subscribers since 2001). They offered us free service for a period, but that was really of no value to us. But then this offer poses another question concerning management expertise and ability: if they are trying to enhance profitability by laying off people, reformatting their music offerings / eliminating redundancies, what will be the net effect when the subscriber base disappears, and/or the company has to offer free service to help retain listernership? Brilliant huh? Like I said before, these actions could only be contemplated with the intent of ruining the company.

Posted by aaron | Report as abusive

I am about to leave this service shortly if they do not put back people/dj’s from the original xm.

Xm Subscribers did not didn’t buy Sirius for a reason.

The people who worked in XM need to stand up, i am sure loyal fans will support them and make a statement by making a petition.

If we all stand up together I’m sure they will take customers seriously. Otherwise I am waking and investing elsewhere like many others.

Posted by Skillz | Report as abusive

my wife and i are very upset and saddened that sirius xm replaced sirius kids stuff with xm kids programming and renamed the station. “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” our kids loved that channel and now it’s been abruptly replaced with entirely different children programming that i don’t find compatible with our taste. please sign this petition if you feel the same way, and feel free to pass it on: -sirius-kids-stuff.html

Posted by JK | Report as abusive

I cancelled today after 18 months of loyal payments and tons of recommendations. They just did away with all the Spanish stations and crammed all the Spanish music in one horrible channel that just skips through genres randomly. The worst part was to turn on my radio in the morning and finding out that all the music was gone with no previous notice. I would have paid more for listening to XM Viva, why did they have to take it away?!!

Posted by Marina | Report as abusive

I think they did a good job picking the best out of both services. I subscribe to both, and as to why I pay for radio?

For one thing I can escape those mind-numbing, annoying commercials that seem to drag on and on, as Sirius-XM has NO commercials on the music channels; also, I get a dizzying variety of programming choices, many having name-brand, marquee value converstation, talk and news, and specialty music channels, nearly all of which are quite intersting; also, when I travel out of town in my car (which I do very frequently) I can enjoy the same programming in near-CD quality audio.

It’s radio for people who care about quality and choice. The phrase that sums it up for me: You get what you pay for.

Posted by Lassiter | Report as abusive

For Sirius subscribers, they combined the 2 Spanish music stations onto one channel. Those familiar with spanish music understand that there are MANY different types, including mainstream, salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, oldies, etc.. previously they had UNIVERSAL LATINO for the more mainstream spanish music (think Latino pop), and Rumbon for salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton (think anything you can dance to).. Putting ALL spanish music on one station is a serious MISTAKE. This is on par with combining GOSPEL, RAP, R&B, and REGGAE on one station because the majority of artists are BLACK.

Posted by Bryan | Report as abusive

One more point, I have a 2 year subscription (after a previous 2 year sub).. This merger should have “enhanced” my satellite experience, not degrade the level of entertainment previously provided at the time i purchased my subscription.

The GREATEST part about SATELLITE RADIO was the FREEDOM that DJs had to create playlists geared towards specific GENRES of music.

ALSO – I originally joined for Howard Stern but he is not his former self.. The quality of guests has diminished, the jokes are less witty, and they are simply going through the motions..

I was thinking of purchasing a new vehicle, but will definitely skip the Satellite radio subscription if Sirius XM does not listen to their customers.

Posted by Bryan | Report as abusive

I do hope they bring back the old channel list……..I like the Sirius-XM marriage but don’t like the channel changes

Posted by SEO Links | Report as abusive

i would like to point out that the comment by ‘lassiter’ has been dumped all over the internet, on the article i wrote for blogcritics, as well as at other news sites.

what, does siriusxm now have to resort to this as well?

Posted by Mark Saleski | Report as abusive

If you miss Kids Stuff…

I created an online petition in order for our collective dissatisfaction to be heard! Please sign my petition. I plan to pass it along to the station managers with whom I have already been in contact. tuff

Posted by Christine Rosas | Report as abusive

I communicated with XM in the only language they understand. I cancelled both of my subscriptions.

Long live “XM72, Beyond Jazz”

Posted by Jerry | Report as abusive

I just spent a few hours perusing through the new line-up of stations. I am seriously NOT impressed. It literally whacked half ( or more ) of my favorite stations ( XM Cafe, some classical stations and several rock stations ).
It wouldn’t have been bad if the stations that replaced them were better but the new variety is needless to say “Bizarre”……..Someone please “flush the toilet”.

Posted by Kenny P | Report as abusive

Outside of short commutes in my car, I primarily listen online. No more “Fine Tuning”, No more “E-Town”, No more “XM Cafe” and I’m still looking. I’m 4 years into a 5 year contract that spans three XM radios and not a happy camper. You mean they couldn’t have just added more stations ?? What, are you regulated as to how many stations that you can air ?? Don’t you pull web stats or compile statistics as to which stations get the most air-play from your consumers ???

Posted by KPastore | Report as abusive

You people are lying. We are satisfied with the service. You people probable aren’t even subscribers. Paid bashers is what you are.

Posted by truck_driver_tom1 | Report as abusive

I have mixed feelings about the channel change. I’d say I’m about 40% happy. I’m glad they finally got a 40s channel, but miss Movin Easy. The Blend is awful. I also don’t like Deep Cuts, the replacement for The Vault.

I think XM people don’t like the Sirius Playlists, and vice versa. That’s all it comes down to. That we can get used to, just slight changes.

The loss of some channels like Kids stuff and Movin Easy (for me at least) is annoying.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

The new channel 12 sucks.Considering canceling.

Posted by Reese | Report as abusive

Why could they not just combine ALL the stations? I miss my Upop, XM cafe, X Country…all gone!!!! And what ecclectic wonderful channels they were! They have been replaced with blathering DJ’s (BBC1), Elevator music with lyrics (whatever XM Cafe is now) and Redneck music for what ever took X Countrys spot. It is awful!!! If they don’t get the message and adjust it…I am out!!! I am happy to buy $13 of new music off of itunes etc to compensate!

Posted by so not happy | Report as abusive

i need a good laugh after a long day at the office and the rawdog combo with sunny fox is TERRIBLE. i was happy with sunny fox and the rawdog folks junked up my laugh time. i do not plan to renew…and i AM a paying customer.

Posted by not laughing anymore | Report as abusive

For those of us that subscribed because we loved the options on XM this is torture. I’ve promoted XM on the basis that as a subscriber I could listen to music that local stations rarely if ever carry. When the change occured I was shocked and nearly cried on my way home. I have both a home and car unit — what a waste of money. Now I feel like a bought some 8 track tape unit. I will not renew my subscriptions. XM made a big mistake not considering it’s current paying customers!

Posted by DE | Report as abusive

To those of you that think the new line-up on XM is great, my guess is that you really are not very music literate and probably don’t get that there are some real differences in sytles of jazz, latin, rock, etc. For many of us who are XM subscribers, the differences made it a heavenly break from the mainstream FM stations that cater to the same old, same old. The old line-up also provided music education for folks that have never had the opportunity to be exposed to the variety. It’s sad that in the merger process XM and Sirius decided to go Seriously ABC when it comes to music rather than build on some of the unique factors that drew in and retained the majority of it’s customer base. Hopefully, XM/sirius are listening because their subscribers will not be — turned off and tuning out

Posted by diana | Report as abusive

X Country was my favorite. It had a great blend of music. I listened to it 95% of the time, especially Rogue Calls. I like Margaritaville for a little change but I get it with Dish. Without X Country I have no urge to keep my subscription. I won’t even listen to the junk on channel 12 now. X Country is why I picked XM over Sirius in the first place.

Posted by Rudy C. | Report as abusive

I’m very upset! My favorite stations from both XM and Sirius are gone. BOTH of them! After the switch, I’m hitting the road! This is no way to keep customers happy. Way to go main-stream and kick out the good. Goodbye satalite, hello IPOD genius!

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Ethel, Lucy, Squizz, The Verge, XMU, and X Country were the reasons I bought XM over Sirius. Now the only two that are left are the Verge and XMU? The others all turned to garbage! What happened to the DJ’s? Where are the clever bumps? What happened to the requests and varied playlists? If I wanted to hear automated info, and the same 30 songs all day I would have bought Sirius in the first place. This is horible… I can cancel my subscriptions, but what about my investment in a custom xm ready radio and reciever for my truck, and the plug and play kit for the car and my in home adaptor? I guess i’m out a needless $400+ dollars. Thanks a lot! I’m glad my buisness and loyality was so important to you! If Sirius was the company in trouble, why the hell did they decide to keep most of their stations instead of the well to do XM ones anyway? There is nobody at the helm, people will be leaving like rats from a sinking ship.

Posted by Mike Tam | Report as abusive

Leave it to Mel Karmazin, to screw up satellite radio, If I wanted schlock programming I would have subscribed to Sirius in the first place. Mel really demonstrated his lack of respect for XM subscribers, giving them no notice of the programming changes. Sure those of in the radio business knew what was coming about ahead of time, but not the subscriber who may have just got stuck with a three year contract for programming that has now vanished.

No surprise Mel Karmazin, treats his customers with the same disrespect he bestows his employees, or is turning satellite radio into the same fare of garbage Mel, is famous for with traditional AM&FM broadcasting. How ironic that the one responsible for destroying free radio as we knew it, is now doing the same for satellite radio. Millions of us chose not to put with it when it was free, I for one will not pay for it!

My $30 a month will be spent else ware!

Posted by Steve Webb | Report as abusive

I’m most upset with losing XM channel 2. Having the program repeat all day ensured that I wouldn’t miss any part of it as my commute to work is only 25 minutes and I can only listen hit or miss while at work. The best things on XM radio were listening to Bill Anderson’s visiting with the legends, and I’m not even an avid country music fan, and Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure and Bob Dylan’s Themetime Radio Hour. Tom Petty’s and Bob Dylan’s shows are so interesting that I gladly listened to each several times during the day. Now they’re only on a few weird times during the week, and I have yet to find an accurate channel lineup, so I missed all of them last week. Add me to the list of disgruntled XM customers. I haven’t yet discovered what else I’ve lost, but it looks like the blues channel has changed and the deep tracks playlists are not as good. What’s really insulting is for this merger to be sprung on us without warning, and especially not to be given the opportunity to voice our opinions before channels were eliminated. I was going to buy my husband an XM radio for his car for Christmas, but not anymore.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

I have been an XM fan and subscriber since it launched. I joined because of the very appealing channel line-up which included Soul Street, a variety of Jazz channels and Franks Place. With CNN and CNBC XM was a must have. I have two active radios and will cancel the service because the main reason I joined (Soul Street)is no longer available. Soul Town is a pitiful replacement. Mel, you continue to screw up.

Posted by jim williams | Report as abusive

I am perhaps in the minority, but I am happy changes. In my opinion, “The Blend” is far superior to “Starlite,” it’s Sirius counterpart.

Posted by Anthony Bertorelli | Report as abusive

do not like the change a real let down bring back what was deleted…I am thinking about canceling because “The System” was removed…That new station is not the same and I liked Zoltar the brother from another planet…BRING BACK THE SYSTEM!!!

Posted by uncle bob | Report as abusive

I’ve already contacted SIRIUS twice about their huge mistake. I’ve been a subscriber for around 8 years now and am very peeved. My one and only favorite BOOMBOX was one of the casualties of this merger. Do we really need 23 rock only stations rehashing the same stuff under different programing and 4 stations dedicated solely to 1 artist????? That’s not counting the 40’s – 90’s music stations!!! They keep telling me they play Boombox music on Altnation but I have yet to hear a single one. I’m back to flipping through the channels with nothing that satisfies. Great going SIRIUS.
As soon as I can find an online station I like it’s good bye SIRIUS. I have a hard drive with all my favorite Boombox songs on it in the mean time. Boombox was a TRUE ORIGINAL PROGRESSIVE station.
If they thought this was the answer to their financial problems they were idiots. All they’ve done is alienate and disappoint long time faithful subscribers like me SIRIUSLY.
You know the DJ’s said they weren’t even notified their shows were being cancelled. I contacted DJ Icey on myspace.

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

I to was shocked and dismayed by the abrupt and callous manner in which the “changes” occured.Having been a huge xm fan for years,telling people don’t get sirius,it sucks compared to xm.Several of my favorite stations didn’t make the cut,x country, replaced by outlaw country, truly no comparison there as there is nothing outlaw about itexcept that maybe Dallass, Mojo and the rest of those clowns should be locked up for totally selling out to mainstream Nashville and calling it outlaw.I called to cancel my subscriptions but was given 3 months free to see if I could find somthing that I liked.I listened toX country ,beyond jazz ,xm cafe ,deep tracks (changed),bluesville (intact).So far I’m not to impressed with the new stuff, my i pod is warming in the wings.

Posted by james | Report as abusive

Simple explanation as to how NOT to do a merger. XM was a service mainly for the eclectic music fan. Sirius’ niche is talk radio and sports.

With the merger, Mel K. attempted to pigeonhole both camps in a ‘one size fits all’ bandwith. With limited space to work with, instead of courting the fringes of both services — those who’s interests are NOT being served on terrestrial radio — he kept those stations with the broadest appeal.

What he forgot was that those listeners who cared for ‘the broadest appeal’, could usually be served by terrestrial radio.

For us on the ‘fringe’, we feel jilted at first, get p.o.ed when we call to cancel, and rejoice as we take our subscription $$ and use them instead to fill our iPods.

(FWIW — I have a very good friend/bandmate who is in love with the whole 80’s Alt scene, and turned me on to FRED. In his living room, all four walls are covered with thousands of CDs — imports, rarities, obscurities. I felt like, the first time I heard the ‘equivalent replacement’ of FRED, ‘1st wave’, that someone burnt down his collection, handed him a single Wal-Mart ‘New Wave’ compilation CD from the bottom of the bargain bin, and said…’What you mean it’s not the same?’

It is my understanding that disco, classical, latino, alt-country, blues and punk lovers all got the same treatment. But we got Springsteen enemas 24/7!)

Posted by Riroon | Report as abusive

i am totally upset about the new lineup. i recently relocated from the east coast to Houston, TX and the FM hip-hop stations suck. XM was a great alternative. I loved Mzz Kitty. It was rather shocking to tune in and hear all new personalities. It appears all of the XM hip-hop channels were dropped and replaced with Sirius channels. The new radio personalities are boring!

Truly, I will not be renewing my subscription. I will simply shift the money I was paying to XM over to T-Mobile. I have found myself talking a lot more on my mobile phone while driving to avoid the dreadful FM and now XM channels.

Posted by jay | Report as abusive

I couldn’t believe my ears! I tuned into my favorite XMCafe, or so I thought, and all I heard was NOT XMCAFE. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I finally tuned into the XM channels on my satellite TV. I have been a customer for 14 years with the TIVO and the “everything” package paying $ 100.00 plus every month, but I had CDs so I thought “who cares?”. When I finally got into it I was so thrilled I searched for a pair of vintage ADS speakers and was so looking forward to setting them up to listen to XMcafe. I thought it was such a great channel I was going to get a XM system for my husband’s law office and for my car. Finally, finally I was no longer at the mercy of the FM. I’m just stunned and disappointed.

I sat here today and went through channel after channel looking for something that sounded like the cafe – Spectrum doesn’t even come close and all that talking on the Loft! I turn these ADS beauties up LOUD and it’s so jolting to hear an insipid announcer yapping away at that volume. These people are crazy to alienate their customers – doesn’t sound like they can afford to lose ANY customers.

I’m going to find a way to stream Slacker to my tuner. I now use Sprint Mobile Broadband for our home computers. I just was made recently aware that this service must have built a new tower close to my house and service is superior to my satellite PC service. I was finally able to tell Hughesnet to take a hike. It cost me $ 400.00 to cancel but it was worth it. They are another example of a company that cares nothing about their customers. We were customers for about 10 years with a bill of about $ 70.00 per month. Finally the service got soooo bad, we had less than dialup speeds (8 kps). Calling customer service, which is outsourced, did absolutely no good at all. The techs are a joke through even the 3rd tier of support – I never got to 4. They just read their scripts and tell me how sorry they are. I finally moved to their new satellite and upgraded the service to $ 115.00 a month. Their was nothing else I could do, or so I thought. I only mention this to illustrate how people will vote with their feet if these companies pay no attention to them. XM/Sirius Can you say “Bye?”


So sad in the midwest.

Posted by SaintJay | Report as abusive

When the switch first happened, I had an open mind about Outlaw Country. However, I’ve been disappointed. I have heard Waylon Jennings everyday, usually more than once. This is not what I was used to hearing on X-Country, which played emerging alt-country artists and tons of live recordings. In my opinion, Outlaw Country is most similar to Willie’s Place, which did make the cut for some reason. If X-County doesn’t come back, I’m going to cancel my service.

Posted by L.Bel | Report as abusive

I was SURPRISED when the merger happened. (Great notification XM Sirius) but tried to have an open mind. Insipid is the word that comes to mind. Elvis 24/7? Grateful Dead? Led Zepplin? Buffet? They took great channels like Fred, Lucy, Ethel and replaced them with channels that sound like they came off of the WWF. Holiday channels this year? Let’s see there’s Holly – where you can hear Ray Conniff. There’s Traditional – where you can hear Ray Conniff. There’s Bing – where you can hear Ray Conniff. Where’s the alternative Christmas channel? Vox is gone. It’s been replaced by the Met, which, quite frankly is limited by comparison. I have three, count’em three, Ipods and no less than 15,000 songs at the ready and it’s FREE. So Long XM you SIRIUSLY suck.

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

I don’t get it. XM and Sirius promised FCC that they’d retain existing service, in return for the FCC’s approval of the merger. Here’s what they promised:

“Current XM customers will continue to receive their existing XM service, and be able to obtain select Sirius programming. Likewise, current Sirius customers will continue to receive their existing Sirius service, and be able to obtain select XM programming.”

Posted by William Thornton | Report as abusive

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the XM / Sirius merger. I started out several years ago as a Sirius subscriber. LOVED Area 33 and a couple of the other techno / industrial channels. When they did their merger of channels and stations at the end of 2008 I lost almost ALL of my saved stations. The ONE channel I still listen to is Area and that’s now 38 in Sirius. I LOVE their hosted programs (like Robbie Riveria, Zoltar, Groove Radio, Tiesto’s Club Life, etc) but what they have on between the shows sucks now. Fortunately, I have found almost all of their hosted shows have free podcasts available every week for download. My solution is download the podcasts and play them. Sorry Sirius, you lost big time. Bye, bye.

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Hey out there…If your Sirius Radio receiver and dock ever gets stolen out of your car don’t expect Sirius to stop the thieves from revving your radio back up. Sirius will continue to make money any way they can which is why they won’t flag your radio’s ID#. They don’t care where the radio came from or that yours was stolen, they just want the money. Seriously.

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