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SHE is the reporter,and reporter comes out of the latin Re Portum;namely BEARER,of the NEWS(0r scoop).
Re Portum is a shortening of Rethimnae excelcior;Portum;and the last two letters -UM stands for Urbi(URBAN)Maxim(MAXIM) full,the reporter is just the bearer and not the initiator of the reported.
Of that follows the full meaning in Re;PORTUM=Rethimnae Excelcior;Prophessus Omnibus Rethimnae Thesis Urbi maxim;meaning -“As of the thesis as invented in the City state of Rethimnon(Crete) according to the Urban Maxim.”-
and it was up to the Urban Maxim to CREDIT the said Tale;not up to the BEARER of the same Tale;but the BEARER was ALWAYS by habit CREDITED with having brought forward the Tale itself, as a matter of FACT!
It IS a technical question, who was actually first to do the NOTICE;but a shrewed habit by females is to intrigue themeselves into the knowing!..thereby such faiblesse for intelligence organizations for USING women dearly in the trade of the Reporting business…

By: John Furrier Tue, 18 Nov 2008 16:41:25 +0000 I credited Mike Arrington with the story because Mike has a following on twitter that is big and based upon a tweet I saw it from Mike first. Kara actually was first. In the error of “first comment’ and ‘alpha blogging’ being first matters.

Therefore as the arbiter of ‘all things tech blogosphere’ I award Kara the ‘first’ award. rced-out-at-yahoo-no-question-about-it/

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