Latest BlackBerry: A Storm but not a killer

November 20, 2008

All eyes will be on Research In Motion on Friday when the BlackBerry Storm, the latest high-profile cell phone for the U.S. market, hits the streets. The CrackBerry maker’s much anticipated touch-screen offering is Verizon Wireless’ big bet for the holiday season this year.
But while Thursday’s reviews praised the device for its innovation and its advantages over iPhone, they by no means gave in to the hero-worship flattery that is bestowed on some devices.

In the words of Ed Baig of USA Today, “Verizon and Rim have not come up with a perfect Storm, but it does pack a wallop.”

    What he liked:
    -The battery “didn’t seem to poop out quite as fast as iPhone.”
    -It works as a tethered modem, has expandable memory, multimedia messaging, supports copy-and-paste and other features missing in the iPhone.
    -It has robust e-mail capability
    -It has backbutton and a video recorder unlike iPhone, and has a better camera

   What he disliked:
    – It does not have Wi-Fi – “a mistake”
    – It is harder to use, “less intuitive” than iPhone
    – Its Web navigation does not support the pinching gesture that lets you zoom in and out on iPhone. Tapping twice lets you zoom in on a part of a web page using Storm
    – Flicking through photos, scrolling a web page wasn’t as smooth as iPhone
    Walt Mossberg of Wall Street Journal called Storm “a very capable handheld computer that will appeal to BlackBerry users who have been pining for a touch-controlled device with a larger screen.” But Mossberg was lukewarm on what he called its biggest innovation – the fact that when you tap the touch screen you feel a click designed to remind you of pressing a real keyboard.

 What he liked::
    – It supports cut-and-paste and multimedia messaging, unlike iPhone
    – It has a better speaker than iPhone supporting crisp, clear calls
    – It runs on the Verizon Wireless network, which has a good reputation for reliability, and that it supports GSM as well as CDMA so it works overseas
    – It is “physically attractive” but in the same sentence said it is “hardly svelte” as it is 15 percent thicker and 17 percent heavier than iPhone.

What he disliked::
    – Its keypad is more more like iPhone’s keyboard than a traditional BlackBerry’s, despite RIM’s efforts to reassure BlackBerry addicts. He said they did not consider Storm typing similar to typing on a traditional keypad.
    – It doesn’t have Wi-Fi -“a glaring deficit.”
    – It presents a full QWERTY keyboard only when you hold the phone horizontally – “annoying, and that may put off others.”
    – RIM did not customize the keyboard for common tasks like iPhone which offers a convenient  “.com” key for when you’re typing an web address

New York Times tech commentator David Pogue did not have a review of Storm on Thursday.

(Photograph:From VerizonWireless)


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Not a killer, come on now the Storm is better in every sence of the word. How can you even compare it to the iphone except that they both have touch screens. This phone is going to crush the iphone.

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

I don’t know what the big deal with wifi not being on this phone is. With VZ you have to pay for the data plan anyway, which means you have internet access. Where are you going to be that has a wifi signal, but no signal for internet????

Posted by Me | Report as abusive

I think Wi-Fi is a big deal for US but for other countries with a good 3G network maybe not so much. As for features it seems to trounce the iPhone but still isn’t getting as many good reviews, I guess its all about looks and not substance. For a First Gen phone it totally kils the first gen iPhone. I am sure the second Gen will even up the anti. Good first effort!

Posted by Nk | Report as abusive

Definitely not an iPhone killer by any chance  /why-the-blackberry-storm-is-no-iphone- killer/

Very inside look at the BlackBerry Storm

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

Storm’s Visual display is way behind to iphone.
BlackBerry Storm is only capable of displaying up to 65,536 colors, much short of the iPhone’s 262,144 colors. You’ll notice the stark difference in contrast of colors and their gradient when browsing the web like ESPN sports photos, CNN, BBC and the high quality photos imported from your PC.

The navigation of Storm lags too much.When you flick through touch screen you clearly feel its a cheap imitation of elegant iPhone. iPhone’s pinch Zoom is amazing.
Storm just brags about MMS. Who needs this obsolete feature when you can do live photo streaming on an iPhone? And email photo with one click.

You can access to internet on iPhone even in Air Plane coz planes are now offering Wi-Fi and iPhone is perfect for that it catches wi-fi even being on Airplane mode.
Storm doesn’t have Wi-Fi so it lacks all the VOIP feature which has become a must have today.
Apart from all these features, there is one more reason why iPhone is way better than any other phone, because its an iPhone.

Posted by Rohit Akhauri | Report as abusive