Apple, give us some new toys!

December 29, 2008

Despite strong sales of Apple’s iPod Touch and Macbook computers, bloggers are clamoring for Steve Jobs and his team to introduce a range of new devices, or significant upgrades to existing models, beyond the usual Mac rumor mill.

At Silicon Alley Insider,  they think it’s time for Jobs to consider a tablet Mac. SAI says the iPod Touch could be combined with the cheap, small ‘netbook’ laptops that are selling well for Dell and Asus.

It’s time for Steve Jobs to smash them together into a killer multi-touch tablet. We’re calling ours the iPod touch HD for now, and we’re hoping we can buy it before next Christmas.

SAI thinks a new device should not have keyboards.

Keyboards add bulk and weight, and are hardly useful in miniaturized form. If anything, let us hook up an external Apple wireless keyboard for another $79.

But at Gizmodo, they believe the one thing the iPhone might be missing is a physical keyboard. Gizmodo has a Photoshopped vision of what that might look like, courtesy of blogger Mat Brady in New Zealand. Also see it here. The keyboarded device is nicknamed the iPhone Pro. Gizmodo says:

Something we don’t expect at MacWorld 2009 at all. However, we do expect something like this to come at a later date. Why? Because it just makes sense

Meanwhile, Brady has also included a charming note to Jobs asking for a better camera on the iPhone:

Hi Steve,

As you can see I’ve made a few design suggestions to your iPhone.
I’ve held off getting an iPhone until it gets a better camera. (See pic)

Let me know when I can get rid of my N95.


Mat Brady

So there you are, global recession or not, Apple lovers still can’t get enough of that Cupertino, California design magic.

(Photo: Reuters)


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No physical keyboard please. A tablet with a larger virtual keyboard and handwriting recognition will be a killer. The iPhone and iPod touch already have handwriting recognition for both traditional and simplified languages and I am happy to report that it works very nicely. We should have even more choice with handwriting recognition for the Roman alphabet etc. etc. etc.

Posted by Jocca | Report as abusive

iphone is a revolution in the technology industry and you can see all the other companies have followed it with there own versions in the market…….. i agree with mat brady the iphone camera is not that impressive… but things are never perfect …thye evolve time to time ……… yes steve we look for more exciting stuff from apple………….

Posted by Krishna Prasad | Report as abusive

I have always loved the way these people say their proposed products “make sense.”

Surely, if their suggestions actually made sense, they would be founding companies to produce and market them for themselves and get rich?

Posted by Ian Kemmish | Report as abusive

I would like to see a phone called the iBarack. I see it as a sleek, black kohl colored phone that reacts faster and even more intelligently than the one I currently have. It should have a button that says iBarack. That takes you to all the political news of the day. There should be a twitter button and a GPS feature. Somehow, the shape should channel Airforce I. It should be very light (Obama is very lite looking) and sleek and the ultimate “smartphone.” At the back, it should have the Obama logo beneath the Apple logo. By Marion TD Lewis, Esq. Blogger: iBarack: An Historic Presidency.