Facebook hotter than MySpace: Yahoo CEO Bartz

January 28, 2009

Facebook is hot, MySpace is not.  We didn’t say it, Yahoo’s new chief executive Carol Bartz did.

During Yahoo’s quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, one analysts asked Bartz what Yahoo’s strategy is for going after the younger demographic, i.e. the generation whose lives play out on social networks.

“That was one of the questions I asked the (Yahoo) board when I was speaking to them in November and December,” Bartz replied. “I have a 20-year-old and also two kids in their late 20s, so I’m very familiar with the Facebooks of the world and before that, MySpace, and see what the kids do. So I’m very curious about that demographic.”

As for Yahoo’s plans to go after the 15-25 age group, Bartz had two caveats on how aggressively the web company should pursue youngsters:

“They do grow up, and it’s interesting watching the older ones… they’re much more interested in looking at Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News. They don’t have all day to (put up) pictures on Facebook and chat constantly because guess what, they’re off the dole.”

And her second thought:

“The good news is that (this) crowd is very finicky — just as MySpace was extremely hot and then it moved over to Facebook, who knows what’s gonna come next and who knows whether Yahoo can grab that property and be successful.”

Fighting talk.

Photo: Reuters

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