Facebook says Oops, (we) did it again

February 18, 2009

One day after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social networking site would stand by its revised terms of use, he capitulated and said Facebook would return to its old terms while “we resolve the issues that people have raised.”

Zuckerberg said Facebook would work on a “substantial revision.” In the meantime, members can voice their opinions — or as the case has been, give vent to their outrage — through “Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities,” a group created by the networking site.

Here’s a sampling of the 4,229 wall posts so far:

you guys are a major corp and you think im to believe for a second that you would not share all of our information to make some money for yourselves……PLEASE TELL US ALL ANOTHER LIE!!!!!!!!!!” (James Stull, Montreal, QC)

“The TOS also needs to address the way businesses and professionals are using facebook. If publishers, theatre groups, musicians, art galleries & museums, writers, comedians, artists, etc are setting up groups or fan pages and posting teasers, videos, images and the like, how is that copyrighted intellectual property protected?” (Martha Mihalick, New York)

“Simply, do away with any BS and get down to terms that protect people’s rights and privacy and let’s move forward with a Facebook that everyone can be proud to be a part of. It always amazes me when a small company goes big, how quickly they proprietors can lose there humanity and moral judgement.” (Silvana Scotto Zangri, New York)

Evidently, it’s hard to tout your 175 million members and then ignore their wishes.

Keep an eye on:

  • The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the talk is all netbooks and smartphones. (Reuters)
  • TV stations go digital, deadlines or not. (New York Times)
  • EchoStar’s Charlie Ergen. He may still come back to scuttle the Liberty-Sirius deal. (WSJ)
  • Comcast, which reported better-than-expected profit but said it lost subscribers and warned that advertising sales would be under pressure this year as well. (Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)


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the fact that Facebook change their TOS back so quickly is an indication that they knew they were wrong in the first place

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