Verizon Wireless sues Velveteen Rabbit promoters

February 25, 2009

You’d think nothing could be cuter than a stuffed rabbit that comes to life to cheer up a lonely child. But Verizon Wireless rewarded the promoters of Velveteen Rabbit, the movie, with a not-so-cuddly lawsuit.

A representative for the mobile service said Verizon had nothing against children’s movies but it is taking issue with a Utah-based telemarketing company, which has apparently been calling cellphone users to advertise the movie.

Verizon said it filed a suit in the U.S. District Court in Trenton, New Jersey , alleging that Feature Films For Families Inc illegally used an auto-dialler for LA-based Family 1 Films. The suit says Verizon Wireless customers and employees received nearly 500,000 calls with a scripted promotion for the film over a 10-day period in February.

Is the movie industry so desperate for new viewers that it needs to pester phone users about children’s movies? You’d think that was the preserve of companies who feel the need to tell you what to do if your car warranty is about to expire.

A media representative for Feature Films For Families Inc was not immediately available for comment.

(Photo: from Fandango Web site)


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Gentlemen: I never had any telemarketer call me about
valetteen rabbit. The Feature Films For Families Inc
contacted me personally. I never had a telemarketer
contact in any way shape or form.
I know what telemarketer do on the phone because 99.9%
I hang up on them.

Posted by Mae Deacon | Report as abusive

This company is unethical and immoral. I made the colossal mistake of purchasing a film from them several years ago. They do not stop calling. I have asked Jesse several times to never call me again. That doesn’t seem to work. Do NOT buy anything from FFFF.

Posted by Andrew Gorskin | Report as abusive

Just like any telemarketer, they can be annoying – yes – but their films are truly quality and safe for the family, something Hollywood can’t lay claim to these days!

Posted by Monica P. | Report as abusive

Personally I prefer “Hollywood” movies. The plots for FFFF movies are retarded as hell. I have been watching violent movies sense I was 3-years-old and it has not hurt me at all. My children will be allowed to watch them too. If you want to dumb down your kids with these stupid movies, go right a head, but I’m not going to.

Posted by Crashedata | Report as abusive