Sound familiar? McClatchy cutting jobs

March 9, 2009

These have been a couple of ugly weeks for the newspaper industry. First, EW Scripps pulled the plug on the Rocky Mountain News, and then, today, McClatchy said it was cutting about 1,600 jobs, representing 15 percent of its workforce.

For those who like to look at the bright side of things, McClatchy isn’t shutting down The Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee or Anchorage Daily News. But the staff cuts are deep and undoubtedly will hurt  the quality and depth of coverage at some of those newspapers. How couldn’t they? After all, they come on top of two other major rounds of layoffs at McClatchy.

The move isn’t really a surprise, given that McClatchy said back in early February that it had to come up with a plan to cuts more costs given the deterioration of the industry. Still, it seems job cuts at the company come as frequently as seasons change.

Here’s what CEO Gary Pruitt had to say in today’s statement:  “We have been transitioning steadily from a traditional newspaper company to a hybrid print and online, news and advertising company for some time. The effects of the current national economic downturn make it essential that we move even faster to realign our workforce and make our operations more efficient. We previously discussed a plan to reach a targeted level of cost savings, but given the worsening economy, we must do more. I’m sorry we have to take these actions, but we believe they are necessary.”

If that sounds familiar, it should.  On two previous occasions in recent months Pruitt has used similar language to announce job cuts. Here’s a refresher.

— September. McClatchy announces it is cutting 1,150 positions. Pruitt: “It is painful to announce these staff reductions, but the continued restructuring of our company is necessary given the relentless economic downturn and its impact on our business.”

— June. McClatchy announces it is cutting 1,400 positions. Pruitt: “The effects of the current national economic downturn — particularly in real estate, auto and employment advertising — make it essential that we move faster now to realign our workforce and make our operations more efficient. I’m sorry this requires the painful announcement we are making today, but we’re taking this action to help ensure a healthy future for our company.”

Any McClatchy staffers out there please pass along any thoughts you may have. Is this the last round of cuts? Has coverage been impacted? What’s the mood out there? Is Pruitt leading in the right direction?

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This blog have good cutting job. I like this cutting jobs.

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The Executives from McClatchy don’t know what they are doing. When the McClatchy family ceased running the company, the “new executives” have cut back all of the incentives that “Ms. Eleanor McClatchy” had set up for her employees. She treated her employees as if they were family, they were paid the best in the business, the employees were happy working for this company. Not any more. The “New Executives” have terminated almost all of the veteran employees, replacing them with employees who have no experience and will work for minumum wage. The employees who are still there are there just to complete their time and to get their retirement. Even that is uncertain, now that the McClatchy company has frozen their Pension Plan. Almost everything in the future is uncertain as far as veteran employees are concerned, the only thing that is certain is that the “New Executives” will continue to get their
bonuses regardless of what the economy is going through, of how much debt the company has. If it were not for the CEO, Gary Pruitt’s biggest mistake, buying the KNIGHT RIDDER PACKAGE, THE COMPANY would still be in good standing and making alot of money. Because Pruitt is so greedy and so hungry for attention he wants for the public to think that he knows what he is doing, NOT
TRUE, he was there when the company was doing good, and he just happened to be there, it has nothing to do with him. Most McClatchy employees would love it if he were fired today, and never heard from again. I know for a fact, that I would. He should be fired for making the worst Business Decision in all of McClatchy’s history, buying the KNIGHT RIDDER was the biggest mistake of the entire McClatchy History. Now, there is a big probability that the company will go under sooner than
the public knows.

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