Newspaper ad sales down? Fire ad staff!

March 12, 2009

The Boston Globe, the revenue-challenged sibling of The New York Times, is laying off employees as it copes with a decline in advertising revenue made only worse by the recession. The thing is, it’s laying off advertising staff.

From the Globe:

The Boston Globe said yesterday it reduced by half the sales force that takes classified advertising over the telephone. Thirty classified employees, including two managers and 13 part-time employees, lost jobs. In addition, the positions of two other advertising managers were eliminated, said Robert Powers, the Globe’s spokesman.

The reason? There are fewer classified ads coming in because everyone does it for free at Craigslist and other free classified sites. Some papers have lost more than half of their classies.

Does it seem like newspapers are abandoning the classifieds battle instead of trying to win it? You tell us.


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You’re telling me newspapers should go back to selling classified ads in the print edition? That ship hasn’t sailed? Really? I’ve got a fancy little website for you, it’s called Try it out for free. The fact that there were more than 30 people still SELLING classified ads for the Globe needs to be explained, when the newspaper probably doesn’t run 30 classified ads in a week.

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It’s ok as long as publishers don’t spoil a thought about sacking salespersons who actively seek for new customers. As this would literally mean to kill the cow you want to milk.

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