BofA offers “monstrous” promotion

March 19, 2009

Bank of America’s special coupon promotion of DreamWorks Animation SKG’s upcoming “Monsters vs Aliens” is raising eyebrows even before viewers don their special 3-D glasses for the flick.
“We find it odd that a bank that just received $45 billion in government aid is paying for consumers across the U.S. to see a movie in 3-D vs 2-D at no extra cost,” said Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield in his blog.

Greenfield also ponders whether DreamWorks president Lew Coleman, who happens to be Bank of America’s former vice chairman and CFO, had a role in getting the bank to run the promotion.  Monsters vs Aliens stars Kiefer Sutherland (pictured above), or at least his voice.

DreamWorks declined comment, but directed inquiries to spokesman Joe Goode at Bank of America, who said the news spin on the promotion, which had amounted to a marketing investment of $175,000 for the bank, had reached “monstrous” proportions.

“The cost to us is very minimal. This is a strategic marketing decision, independent of our business relationship with DreamWorks. It is a terrific platform to reach the family and female demographic,” he said.
“We know Americans are looking for opportunities to save, given the current state of the economy. This offer gave us a way to pass along some savings to customers at a very little cost to the bank and reward them for their business and loyalty,” Goode said.

The bank is promoting the film at 6,100 banking centers and 18,000 ATMS, but anyone an participate as long as they have an e-mail addres in the promotion which provides up to 4 certificates per e-mail address to upgrade from 2-D to 3-D via the online registration form, while supplies last.
Bank of America is providing a total of 80,000 coupons through the offer which expires on May 29 or before if supplies run out. 3-D movies are expected to a premium of as much of $5 per ticket compared with regular movie tickets.

Monsters vs Aliens opens March 27th.

(Photo Reuters/actor Sutherland promoting Monsters vs Aliens in Berlin)


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Went into Bank of America to cash a $200 check drawn on an account there. None of my ID was acceptable to them, not my “enhanced, tamperproof” driver’s license, concealed weapons permit (with FBI background check), pilot’s license, nothing.

They wanted my fingerprints.

I told them I should be getting their fingerprints – THEY are the criminals!

Posted by Miami Mike | Report as abusive

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hilarious that the monster has only one eye. Thanks, BofA for presenting the one-eyed monster.

Posted by Tess | Report as abusive

I’ve been a BoA customer since 1965 and I have always received excellent service. Something is missing with ‘Miami Mike’ as I have never been asked for a fingerprint to cash a check as I have plenty of valid ID-current CDL, a current passport, a VA card, etc.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Bank of America continues to mislead investors about what they knew about Merril Lynch and they continue to deceive customers about fees associated with their accounts. The senior management is arrogant and looks down on their customers with less than $50k deposit. They are wasting taxpayers dollars.

Posted by David Webb | Report as abusive