Google layoffs don’t stop hiring efforts

March 27, 2009

Google may be giving pink slips to some 200 hapless souls, but that’s not stopping the company from hiring in certain places.

The search giant has about 360 job openings listed on its Web site, and a spokesman has confirmed that they are indeed open positions. Only about 30 of the US job openings are for work that appears related to sales and marketing – the kinds of jobs that were impacted by Thursday’s layoffs.

The job openings provide a fascinating window into the inner workings of the vast Google empire, which has a need for everything from a software engineer in Krakow to an account manager in Cairo.

A job listing for a “Peering Coordinator” at Google’s EU headquarters begins with a hint of international intrigue:

“When we’re not planning and designing our next secret data centre, we focus on selecting, negotiating for and acquiring the space, power and networks to expand Google’s global reach,” the ad reads.

Other roles are more pedestrian. A sought-after Transportation Program Manager in Mountain View, California will be tasked with, among other things, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the bike program.

And of course, given that the Google army famously marches on its belly, it’s no surprise that the company wants a Foodservices Supply Chain Manager to report for duty at the Googleplex.

On a somewhat related note, it seems the job of breaking the news of Google’s job cuts to certain employees fell to Tim Armstrong. Armstrong was tapped to be the new CEO of AOL earlier this month, and he has already visited AOL to address the troops. But as he’s still technically at Google during a transition period, Armstrong had one last job to take care of. Read the memo at Business Insider.

(Photo: Reuters)


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This is a lousy way to do your folks-employees. I have lost all respect for Google.

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With all googles money they get rid of a bunch of hard working people and then hire more why not shift these people who they are getting rid of and train them in on different jobs?

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[…] layoffs don’t stop hiring […]

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