Forbes (No longer Executive Life) Woman

April 5, 2009

There comes a time when you launch a magazine, but you don’t call it a magazine. Forbes, publisher of its namesake business magazine and luxury business title ForbesLife — and fresh off layoffs that are bruising most of the U.S. print media business – is starting ForbesWoman.

Rather than a magazine, the publisher is calling it a “brand,” which moves with the prevailing wisdom these days that you want to attract readers wherever they are, so you put the “brand” wherever it is. In that case, this means a quarterly magazine, bagged with copies of Forbes for female subscribers. It also means a website, which even a guy like me can read. In addition, it promises research, conferences and other events for its audience: women in the business world.

ForbesWoman’s press materials talk about its official launch, though it’s worth nothing that this is a retooling of something that you have seen before: ForbesLife Executive Woman, the somewhat awkardly named title that it started in 2007. Moira Forbes, daughter of Forbes Chief Steve Forbes, will publish the new magazine and Carol Hymowitz will edit it.

Here’s a sample of what to expect. From the press release:

ForbesWoman on will serve as the premier destination for professional women, with breaking news, prominent voices, regular features, in-depth reports and columns, peer-driven social networking and numerous opportunities for dialogue and interactivity. ForbesWoman content areas include: Leadership, Power Women, Entrepreneurs, Net Worth, Style, Wellbeing and Time. It will also offer a video series, “Smart Women Now,” and featured columnists who include Moira Forbes and economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett.

ForbesWoman online launches with a special report entitled “The New Executive Woman,” sponsored by Audi, which profiles the modern day female executive. This report includes: “Rule Breakers,” a story about how more women are taking greater control of their careers; “Making Money in a Downturn,” profiling how women have stayed on top of their game in these challenging economic times; “The Year’s Savviest Celebrity Businesswomen,” a look at the most successful celebrity businesswomen; “Managing a Family,” about how women manage high-powered careers with children; “How She Leads,” a study that investigates if women have what it takes to be leaders; and “How She Gets Ahead,” which provides networking and management strategies.

(Photo: Courtesy of Forbes)


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I think it is refreshing that Forbes is investing in the women’s space — we need a serious media company writing about serious issues. Why cant ForbesWoman be a brand?

Posted by Leslie Warren | Report as abusive

This is a welcome move for Forbes and professional women. Reading it will be part of my personal stimulus plan to stay focused and positive and not participate in the recession. Kudos to Forbes and Moira.

It is time that we look at today’s high-achieving women…they are different than the generation that came before them. So they have different needs, motivations and challenges. Bravo! I look forward to reading and contributing to ForbesWoman.

I think this is a terrific idea whose time has come. Can’t wait!

Posted by H Jean Wright | Report as abusive

Kudos to Forbes for recognizing that business women are multi-dimensional. Not only do we want traditional business news, but our careers and lives will benefitfrom content providing insights which address the unique challenges we face, as well as our interests and needs. With women leading 1/2 of America’s small businesses and serving as 50% of managers, it’s smart for Forbes to focus on what some might call America’s “better half.”

This sounds exciting, a serious business approach to women’s news and needs. However, I have been enjoying reading Pink, the magazine, and wonder how you will differentiate ForbesWoman.

Posted by Nancy Mitchell | Report as abusive

What an exciting time we live in! I look forward to receiving ForbesWomen and to sharing in the vision. There are amazing women out here shaking up the world and having ForbesWomen showcase their stories is inspiring. Kudos to the brains behind this one-I’d like to here your story first!

Hats off to Forbes. Profiling successful women in this kind of magazine will assist other women who are working their way up to achieve the goals they have set while maintaining that life balance.It appears from the article that a good mix will be achieved. I hope they will discuss the successful women in e-commerce as well as the traditional role. Also, I will look for articles on small business owners, movers and shakers so success on every level can be shown to the readers.

I’d like to see a section of women re-inventing themselvesas entrepreneurs and women over 50.