Verizon launches interactive ads on FiOS

April 8, 2009

Looking to expand its options for video content,  Verizon has quietly started to emulate DVD video technology in its FiOS television system. This means that its on-demand video offerings will eventually include interactive options such as extra chapters, subtitles or files with information about the actors in a show, just like movie DVDs have offered for years.

It’s also a way for the company to offer interactive advertising, currently on display under the marketplace option in its FiOS TV service menu. So if you like a car ad, you could click on a option to see more before you buy.

And because the adverts can be made in the DVD format it means “advertising sooner, easier and cheaper,” according to Joseph Ambeault, consumer video product development director of Verizon.

He says that because “more than 70 percent of consumers who use DVDS use the extras” Verizon sees the technology becoming very popular and “opening up a larger pool of content.” That potentially includes user generate content that could be sent to a FiOS1 local station, like the one due to launch soon in New York.

While Verizon is fond of adding “this is not something you find on cable” after describing its FiOS features, it looks like interactive advertising on cable rivals is right on Verizon’s heels.
In a story dated April 7, Associated Press describes how Ford could potentially send you an information packet on its new Mustang car after you’ve simply clicked on the yes button during an ad, a feature the wire service describes as “the future of cable TV advertising

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Why is this better then just going to the website for Ford and requesting it?

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[…] offering interactive ads so viewers can click on a car ad to get more information. Reuters story notes that this paves the way for DVD-like ‘extras’ in its video-on-demand service. […]

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