Facebook in New York City?

April 9, 2009

Now that investment banks are nearly extinct, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants tech companies to fill the void.

The mayor told reporters at a press conference about environmental initiatives on Thursday that the city is in talks with Facebook about opening a New York city office.

“I met with people from Facebook the other day,” Bloomberg said. “They’re opening an office here.”

Funny thing is, Facebook, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, already has a New York office near Times Square. It’s one of Facebook’s 10 worldwide offices, spread out in locations like Chicago, Atlanta and Venice Beach, California and Dublin, Ireland.

Most of the U.S. offices are primarily sales offices, said Facebook spokesman Larry Yu.

Could the hot Internet company, which signed up its 200 millionth active user this week, be looking to relocate more of its business operations, beyond sales, to the Big Apple?

Yu wouldn’t comment on any plans relating to Facebook’s New York office, and declined to confirm that Facebook was even in talks with Bloomberg.

“We’re not going to be commenting on any speculation in terms of what our operational plans might be,” said Yu.

(Additional reporting by Edith Honan)

Photo: Reuters


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Facebook has grown at an incredible rate to sign up its 200 millionth active user in such a short space of time is staggering.

I must admit though opening another office does make you wonder what they could be up to.

Posted by Robert H | Report as abusive

good work

Posted by joe | Report as abusive

Why would anyone want to relocate to New York? That’s like saying “I don’t pay enough in taxes, I think I’d like to pay more!” Who is that stupid? People should be leaving New York.

Posted by Jamie Q. | Report as abusive

New York is a fun place. I went for the first time ever near Christmas and have on a New York tee today. How does Facebook make money? I had to get off cause my parents joined.

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

How much financial sence would that make? this is a virtually managed company, all they need is a place to keep their Servers not a building full of people.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

@Rob: True that it’s a virtual company. However, their income source is advertising. Opening an office means direct contact and better service to the clients (and prospective clients) who advertise on Facebook.

Posted by Ari | Report as abusive

i seriously agree wit rob on the issue.if bloomberg wants facebook in newyork its for economic,political or social or wateva other reason like some kind of bragging rights.they just need space for servers unless he’ll giv them some kind of tax break or something i dont know about apart from that the whole idea is senseless

Posted by osagie | Report as abusive

An office in Ireland huh? Last I checked corporate income tax rates were about 10% there I believe! Makes having a satellite in NYC not that expensive anymore 😉

Posted by Justin H | Report as abusive

Hmm what? Since when does Bloomberg have a New York office, rather than a multitude of New Jersey offices?

Posted by Marcin | Report as abusive

I like facebook. I can’t figure out how to work Youtube to make videos. Facebook probly was the first to allow a twenty minute video. I made maybe more than thirty videos. It took forever to erase them all. The first time I saw Bloomberg ticker I was searching and watching international tv. The ticker was the most amazing thing. He probly enjoys being around groundbreakers. I had to get off my parents joined. I’m not a groundbreaker when it comes to home cooking i’ll just erase the comedy routines and enjoy staying fed instead.

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

Next, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to ask the makers of DatingANDTheCity.com to come open up a new york office. Like what Rob posted, DatingANDTheCity.com does not need a room full of people just a place to host their servers.

Posted by jjimino | Report as abusive

Oh great, more useless distractions…

Posted by dougnyc | Report as abusive

facebook really has 200 mio users .. on one side this is of course amazing – on the other hand it’s still just a fraction of the entire internet community…
but 10 offices worldwide is not nothing, and the relevance of facebook accounts for social networking is remarkable.
I wonder if and when service networks like Oohlala will ever reach that volume .. but as the community is still growing, might as well be the case one day.
just like mr. benz or mr. gates once started in a backyard garage … 😉

Posted by magicaldog | Report as abusive

i <3 facebook! helps me interact and meet so many new friends. Oh my request me guys!!! yeaaaaaa yayy request me!!! i need friends!!! waa waa

Posted by sassy*sabrina | Report as abusive

Thanx Facebook,keep on rising!And i am one of your beneficiaries i have a wife and a job from facebook!

Posted by Tendai Sean Joe | Report as abusive

Is Facebook a tech company or a media company? I would say that Facebook is really a media company and it makes more sense to be in a major media capitol like New York than in Palo Alto. Yes, New York has an unfriendly business climate, but the San Francisco Bay Area isn’t exactly a low-regulation, low-taxes, cheap-housing haven.

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive