Oprah Tweets: Blessing or Curse for Twitter?

April 17, 2009

Oprah Winfrey is expected to join the twitterati on Friday, as she posts her first message on Twitter.

According to her show’s web site: “Oprah’s getting ready to send her very first tweet! And, why Ashton Kutcher’s been crowned the King of Twitter.”

While the media mogul is certain to accumulate hundreds of thousands of followers in record time (she already has 66,000), we wonder: What does it mean for Twitter, the wildly popular mini-blogging service, which is essential to some, supremely confusing to others and whose business model (or lack of it) gives journalists fits.

PC Magazine’s Lance Ulanoff pulls no punches in a post titled: “Oprah and Ashton Will Destroy Twitter.” Their popularity alone will lead to repeated crashes of Twitter servers, he says. Then…

“…it will recover and get bigger than ever, but with more Twitter users like Ashton and Oprah, it will ultimately be hollow on the inside, just like a bubble. And we know what happens to them.”

There are already reports that the technology backbone at Twitter is not without its share of hiccups. And outages and service slowdowns in the Internet era could lead millions to other services, right?

Still all that gloomy talk doesn’t really address Twitter’s future as a business, and the very true cliche: If you build it, they will come. Build a service with millions of loyal subscribers and someone will pay handsomely to try to make money with it.

Let us know if you feel the room shake when Oprah tweets. Oh and one more thing (ahem). Don’t forget to follow MediaFile. You know…on Twitter.

Keep and eye on:

  • General Electric posted better-than-expected quarterly profit, despite declines at NBC Universal. (Reuters)
  • Media General reported a net loss and an 18 percent revenue decline because of falling newspaper advertising sales (Reuters)
  • YouTube is preparing to offer movies and hundreds of TV episodes. (Reuters)
  • Local Media is doing far worse than national media and may not come back (Business Week)

(Photo: Oprah on Twitter)


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I have read countless posts about how foolish it was that Oprah gave Ashton Kutcher the title of King of Twitter based upon this stunt. While I agree with some of what I’ve read I think that many people are missing the important aspects of what is happening.

If you’re interested, read my thoughts on why Oprah and Kutcher have helped Twitter cross the chasm. Feel free to leave comments on the blog:

http://johnfmoore.wordpress.com/2009/04/ 17/thanks-to-oprah-twitter-has-crossed-t he-chasm/


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Attached you will find a link to an original song and video called OPRAH: Let Love Lead The Way. . . (DRAFT – Awaiting for Permissions) that I would like gave to Oprah. After she views the video and listens to the lyrics I’m quite sure that she would be pleased. Out of respect and professional consideration I have only shared this piece with a few personal friends. And frankly their responses and feedback on it have been sincerely positive. Naturally I am proud of this composition and would love to share it with the world. Therefore I would like to obtain the proper permissions to use the images used in the video in order to be able to publish it on the web (Youtube).

Private link to Video:
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Once you go to the link you will find a letter addressed to Oprah that is located on the left side of the screen (where the owner details are located). I have worked on this musical/video piece for many months after hearing about her desire to conclude her show and I surely hope that it is “Actually delivered to and shared with Oprah (herself).”

I appreciate your valuable time and trust that this musical piece will actually be shared with Oprah.


David Bailey

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