It’s not easy being Biz

May 18, 2009

In the adrenalin-fueled world of Internet start-ups, where “Biz” is usually followed by “Dev,” where did Twitter co-founder Biz Stone get his nickname?

After talking to the Reuters Technology Summit of growth rates and future revenue possibilities, the Twitter co-founder chatted with the Reuters San Francisco bureau about his unusual moniker and why it can pose traveling hiccups.

Christopher Isaac Stone said his parents first began calling him Biz when he mispronounced Christopher, saying “Biz-ah-bah” instead.

The name stuck, and by the third grade everyone knew him as Biz.

“I don’t even answer to Christopher anymore,” said the software engineer, who also goes by Isaac.

Stone’s full name appears on his passport, so accidental plane ticket bookings under the name Biz have led to some problems with air travel.

Getting through airports can be like a “social engineering” experiment, with success a matter of seeking out a friendly check-in person, he said.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Kimberly White (Twitter co-founder Biz Stone)

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Wow, this article is well written, insightful and worthy of the Peabody! I will now buy anything for the advertisers because of this author. Thank you Roiders

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