Comcast super-fast Internet: More speed, less cash?

June 9, 2009

Comcast is cutting the price of its super fast 50 megabits Internet access service to $116.95 a month in most markets, less than year after launching the service at $139.95.

In fact, now that Comcast has started bundling the service with its phone and video services, subscribers will be able to get the so-called ‘Wideband’ even cheaper that $116.95. Wideband will effectively be priced at $99.95 if it is bought with one of those other services from the largest U.S. cable operator.

The new pricing strategy kicks off nationally on June 15.

Comcast has been aggressively rolling out its version of the wideband cable technology and says it now reaches around a third of the homes its systems pass in the United States.

Many Wall Street analysts think super-fast Internet access could be the killer app for cable companies rather than their traditional dominance in video. The cable operators meanwhile are concerned that programmers are giving away TV shows for free on Hulu and other websites. Their key concern is the fear of ‘cord-cutting,’ meaning that many users will end up canceling their cable TV service.

But the analysts point out that cable operators will continue to have some leverage as they’re well positioned to offer the kinds of Internet speeds that subscribers will need to deliver high-definition video pictures.

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[…] that everyone loves to hate, Comcast, is doing something that should make plenty of people happy. Comcast will be lowering the price of its 50 Mb/s internet from $139.95 to $116.95 per month. In addition, since Comcast has started to bundle the internet […]

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Man that’s a rip off, not to mention Comcasts’s terrible customer service and reliability I experienced in Denver. In Tokyo, I current pay about $55 USD (tax incl)for 100mb residential fiber which includes standard, HDTV services, and PPV and freebie movie services. For another $10 USD I could add phone service.

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Guys, don’t complain. I’m spending over NZD $120 a month to have supposedly 24/0.8mbps internet (but i live very close to the exchange and get 12mbps max)with 30gb limit with a phone line. I constantly get disconnected or it becomes very (i mean very, sometimes worse than a dial-up connection) slow at ‘high traffic’ times. I almost never get continuous streaming for a Youtube clip (have to wait a while to load it).

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