Comments on: Google’s YouTube money hole not as deep as feared Where media and technology meet Wed, 16 Nov 2016 08:48:25 +0000 hourly 1 By: Amey Palyekar Sun, 21 Jun 2009 10:37:43 +0000 Well, if its really loss-making unit we should expect some strong steps being taken by Google in this direction and if its not then Youtube would continue running as now. That’s how one can ascertain the truth.

By: James Reginald Harris, Jr Sun, 21 Jun 2009 07:52:43 +0000 The You Tube Business Model or [powered by‘you be the star’ online video file sharing system] was designed to be monetized two (2) ways but was absconded by Google/Sequoia Capital when the second was applied for to be an ad partner in 2004.

You Tube is worth over 10 Billion US Dollars and the reason Google wants to devalue the most significant media asset created in the last 30 years is to delay payment of the Financial Settlement for the largest intellectual property theft in US History.

In this regard, Dr. Eric Schmidt and the Google Board of Directors have planned to disrupt the US Federal Government Judicial Process via compromising relationships that were created by their overt(c) support of Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama.

After publishing the encrypted threatening message CADIE as an April (fools) Joke, Google induced the now president to officially retain Dr. Eric Schmidt as a cabinet level advisor.

The purpose of this advisory is to limit systemic distrust of Google Corporation which will effect the shareholders in this Consumer Product. Obama has become disabled in administering the matter to the benefit of the Public Trust because of his knowing acceptace of campaign support from a US Company that engaged in Intellectual Property Piracy and Economic Espionage.

Though Piracy is viewed as a Crime when done by an individual stealing MP3’s, The DOJ under Obama is seeking to make CIVIL MATTER of the You Tube Crime which includes a $1,800,000,000.00 defrauding of Google investors by Dr. Eric Schmidt, though this defrauding of the public markets in this matter does not matter because ultimately Google Shareholders made over 7,200,000,000.00 in value from the You Tube transaction.

However because of Low Cash Flow from the missing element of the total model and the federal complaint, Google has used its ample media coverage to discredit the value of You Tube and Lobby directly President Obama to continue to delay payment of a financial Settlement proposed by Google through a Governmental Intermediary over Two (2) Years ago.

Because of a matter of use of Warrantless Surveillance on the VICTIM during the period prior to, during and after the Piracy Theft, the matter has been relegated to FISA.

There is no FISA COURT.

FISA is way for the US Federal Government to Ignore Crime’s like the You Tube matter in order to keep a filing of Lawsuit out of Public View. In this matter Google has sought to lobby elements of the FISA system through its presidential relationship to delay payment.

The French Government, now appraised of the matter of surveillance of the domestic US Family of a French Government Official, may now officially subpoena the US government for the Surveillance Records.

In any case, the You Tube matter has become an international embarassment to the United States Government as an overt allowance of Whitecollar Crime where shareholders are beneficiary and surpression of individual VICTIMS because of the individual nature. Allowing National Security Mechanisms to Cover Over such Crime, because it has shown financial benefit, while the individual VICTIM is ignored.

This was the self-same process via which madoff went on to steal 65,000,000,000.00 from over 4,000 individuals.

No one will complain when their making money.

And You Tube has made Google a lot of Money.

Despite the fact it is stolen property.

Unprosecuted Theft is 100% profitable.

It is the same principal as the Mafia. It is not the Crime that is the risk, it is getting caught and if getting caught doesn’t matter because you can delay the government through inappropriate executive level relationships, then the fact that a crime was aggregious against an individual citizen is irrelevant so long as its beneficiaries Google/Sequoia Capital shareholders have made extraordinary profits from the crime.

By: Steve Sat, 20 Jun 2009 23:29:45 +0000 Google losing money on YouTube? Stop kidding us. All those “featured videos” and paid ads that are clogging the youtube now… google is Making money on youtube. [don’t do no evil…if you are not losing money[

By: Nikkei 225 Thu, 18 Jun 2009 15:21:52 +0000 I still believe that Google bought YouTube for pennies, it strikes me that a company that more or less made the internet is unable to make money with YouTube. Mind you this is a website with huge traffic and an Alexa rank of 3 (the number three site on the net when it comes to visitor numbers). If they can’t make it work who can?