In death Michael Jackson gives life to media

June 26, 2009

As the world mourned his death, Michael Jackson gave new life to all kinds of media – online, broadcast, print tabloids and broadsheets as the public appeared to lap up the extravagant reflections on the singer’s highs and lows.

T-shirts were sold and TV specials were planned giving a sense of drama reminiscent to the death of Diana Princess of Wales.

In newspapers like the New York Times, Jackson, 50, took over much of the Friday front page. Forget the political uproar in Iran, which has dominated headlines in recent days or the adulturous governor of South Carolina, or even the demise of Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett.

This makes sense since, as Gawker points out, millions of people who normally wouldn’t buy a newspaper will buy one today to get hold of Jackson headlines.

As the news trickled out on Thursday afternoon, fans scrambled to find out the truth.

“Pop King Dies and Leading News Sites Nearly Die Too,” was the subject in an email from Web traffic watcher Keynote Systems that described the strain Jackson put on news sites.

Within hours, Michael Jackson’s music sales shot up and he occupied the top 15 slots on’s best-seller album list including Thriller, his most famous album.

On Friday, blogs were buzzing about the mystery around the controversial megastar’s sudden death and websites displayed photo montages showing it all – the signature moonwalk dance and his infamous dangling of his baby son over a balcony and everything in between. Others debated the merits of learning the news on microblogging site Twitter.

But amid all the excitement, had to put a damper on things by suggesting that we could bankrupt the government by wasting all our time on the Web rather than engaging in taxable activities.

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Miss You Michael

Posted by missyou | Report as abusive

Micheal Jackson was a musical icon who appealed to fans across the globe. They were prepared to pay months in advance for his live concerts.Herte was a man who touched many hearts. But in the same breath, there were many who questioned his behavioural traits which tainted him badly. However his large band of supporters would surely mourn his passing away with a deep sense of sadness. His music resonated to millions and will continue to entertain generations to come. His musical talents were amazing.

Posted by Pancha Chandra | Report as abusive

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The Sudden departure to the infinite of Michael Jackson is a great loss to the entire music world. Maybe he is the only singer almost all the people in the world can easily remember, because he was in such a fame and glory.Don’t walk like Michael Jackson was the comment we used to make on our school singers and dancers. Thriller still thrills millions in the world. His personal life however does not shadow his musical life. No one can replace him. Legends are born only, they don’t die. He will live on and on in millions of million hearts till the music world ends.

Posted by Prem Nizar Hameed | Report as abusive

His death is to hard to grip. I grew up in the same town that he did. I’m just 5 yrs. older. The Jackson Family is in my prayers and I pray that Jehovah will ‘see that he was a good person’and brought the world together like no one other then “John Lennon” did. Michael was the # 1 pop star in my book! May Jehovah God care for them until the new beginning…we atre truly in the last days….Sincerely Friendly fan and Sister of Faith

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

Its a shame he has to be dead first to get all this attention.

Posted by Boss Hoss | Report as abusive

we will miss him a lot,may his soul rest in peace

Posted by madhuri | Report as abusive

We could only say a lot of things about a person when he’s gone. Michael Jackson is gone but his music will live forever. Peace man!

Posted by Jeck | Report as abusive

michael we love….you’re a star and you’ll never die!!!you’ll be forever deep in our hearts…!!!we love you….!!!ΚΑΛΟ ΤΑΞΙΔΙ MICHAEL..!!

Posted by marina | Report as abusive

Its too bad that all these people could not have told micheal jackson how much they cared and loved him when he was alive, it may have changed his life, maybe even saved it! Let this be a lesson to all, tell the people whom which you care about how you feel while there alive don’t wait till their death.The world will miss you M.J. and We will see you when we get there.

Posted by kathy lake | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson was and will always be a legend. We miss you already. I grew up on his music and he was a true entertainer. I think it is sad that some people didn’t appreciate him until his untimely death. I feel that the doctors that gave him drugs should be prosecuted or have their medical licenses revoked. How many people have to die before we stand up as a country and prosecute these doctors?

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive