Google and Microsoft – lunch of the frenemies at Sun Valley

July 9, 2009

Google is moving to steal Microsoft’s lunch with its plan to release a PC operating system that competes with Windows. But when Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates crossed paths in Sun Valley on Thursday, lunchtime was all pleasantries.

As Gates was walking out from one of the morning conference panels for lunch, reporters naturally surrounded him to ask for his thoughts about the new Chrome OS announced by Google this week.

Before Gates had a chance to answer though, Schmidt appeared from behind and joked “it would be better if you don’t make that comment,” provoking laughter all around.

The pair shook hands and walked off together in conversation towards the garden where lunch was being served. Since reporters weren’t allowed in, the rest of the conversation is anyone’s guess.

(Photo: Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates talk outside the Sun Valley Inn on July 9, 2009. REUTERS/Rick Wilking) 


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Microsoft and Google seem to think that the key to success is just to get in each others games… Microsoft with bing and now google with chrome OS

I saw this site that looks at media coverage of stuff and presents all the sides… well it looks like there aren’t a lot of sides that think this is going to work… _up_for_os

They have a clip from CNBC (which might be the first time I have ever watched CNBC) that says this is bad business

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It’s good that both take this in good nature but the same can’t be said for fanboys of both clubs…you’d think this was the second coming the way half the media reports this.

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Microsoft has to answer the attack from Google seriously. To get Google busy, as they are spending a lot of money in developing the operating system, they should make a deal with Yahoo to get really stronger in search and get more market share from Google which will have less revenue and investors won’t like it. With Bing alone Google is laughing about Microsoft!

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[…] 07/09/google-and-microsoft-lunch-of-the- frenemies-at-sun-va… […]

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ask yourself this have you ever ran across a web page created by google the would not render in your browser of choice? I know I haven’t but the same cannot be said for microsoft.

that is why google will win they know that forcing customers to pay to get to THEIR data is not a way to keep customers. they know the lock-in business model is dead.

microsoft just doesn’t get that concept and never will.

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