Microsoft loves it when Apple cries Uncle

July 17, 2009

Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner did cartwheels of joy down the corridor — he claims — when Apple’s legal people called him a few weeks ago demanding he stop the “Laptop Hunter” ads, where penny-pinching punters opt for cheaper PC machines over more costly Macs.

“We’re going to keep running them, and running them and running them,” Turner said at a Microsoft conference on Wednesday, relishing a clear blow in the fistfight for customers.

Watch Turner’s spirited performance here — scroll the bar onto 2:57:45 for the Apple segment.

Apple didn’t reply to a request to confirm Turner’s story.

In case you missed the Microsoft ads, or would like to relive Apple’s pain, here’s the first one again:


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Posted by Microsoft loves it when Apple cries Uncle – Reuters Blogs — $200 Laptops | Report as abusive

Everytime I see those ads, I switch channels.

Imagine “Truth in Advertising”, where the actual costs of a Microsoft Windows machine would include the after sale requirements to purchase Anti-Virus subscriptions, Registry cleaner software, and, the approximately $975 of applications, just to make the machine as safe and as competent, as a Mac! (Figures from media comparisons).

Then, of course, Linux comes with typically, 1200 programs, games,
Suites, plus, 28,000 + more FREE on repositories for download!

SimplyMepis, Linux Mint, or Ubuntu are my current choices for install into free computers I donate to families with school aged

Low maintenance, superlative performance, upto 200 Times faster performance, with upto 20 desktops, are great features of the FREE Linux distros!

Visit or

Posted by Linuxiac38 | Report as abusive

Ubuntu is a superior product, at last years CanSecWest security conference the only operating system that remained unharmed at a hacking contest was the one running Ubuntu.

Posted by Nikkei 225 | Report as abusive

First, one can purchase a Macbook for $999 and it is far superior in every aspect/area compared to a Windows based laptop. Second, as a student one receives an additional 10 percent off the price. Lastly, everyone knows that there is no truth in advertising, because that would be by definition an oxymoron. But the amusing thing is in these phony commercials the actors all claim “to be picky,” which is a direct “bite” of what Mac users opine. In short, Microsoft, you suck!

Posted by FaceMan | Report as abusive

Fully half of my family are Mac users and the other half use PC. The Mac users love to thump their chests about how much better their OS is and how much more secure it is blah, blah, blah. The PC users just shrug and say “what did you pay for your Mac book with the 14 inch screen, 1 gig of memory and 1.5 ghz processor, $1800? That’s great, I paid $799 for my Toshiba with 17 inch screen, 3 gigs of ram and 2.2 ghz processor.” I’ll be the first to admit that Apple has a better OS and has for many years but the ads have a point. If I’m a consumer with a $1000 budget, I can get MUCH more for my money with a PC.

Posted by Austin Apartment Pro | Report as abusive

I recently switched from PC to Mac, and for 6 months, battled with the MacBookPro… only to give up and return to PC. YES it is way more expensive, but also the applications are not up to the same standard, starting with Entourage, never managed to synch my smartphone, Photoshop for Mac sucks, and the fact that there just are no Mac equivalent programmes in some cases – period.
Sure Macs benefit from the cool factor – but I personally prefer something that just works the way I do.
Long life to Lauren :)
PS anyone interested in a 6 month old MacBookPro ?

Posted by robin | Report as abusive

You get what you pay for! Let the penny-pinchers deal with their inferior Microsoft operating system and the malware and the spyware that will inevitably infect thier cheap machines. ONCE YOU GO MAC, YOU NEVER GO BACK!

By the way, I heard a great oxymoron the other day: Microsoft Works. HA HA HA! :-)

Posted by Bryan in Texas | Report as abusive

Hey Vincenzo,

as you mentioned it yesterday, it was today in the news.
see you later,

Posted by julian | Report as abusive

975 for applications Linuxiac38 is crazy and a liar.

AVG and AVAST both free anti virus applications

But if you did buy an Security suite such as Norton 360 which comes with AV and Registry cleaner it’s just 99 dollars. But all the supposed apps that will run you 975 dollars you can get for free Linuxiac38 is just mad that linux isn’t a desktop OS.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Apple has always been just behind the curve on hardware, and way ahead of the curve on software. I am still (for now) a PC user because I support PC systems and networks. Apple has made some very bold moves in the last ten years.

First off, OS X, is a derivative of FreeBSD, so to say Linux isnt a desktop OS is rather misleading. Apple shows that is could be with a talented team of commercial interests behind it. Secondly, they moved to Intel platforms.

What for the life of me I cannot figure out is why they don’t sell their OS off the shelf for anyone that is technically astute enough to install it on a so-called PC. Of course, but that I mean a PC running Windows. Why don’t they create a Boot Camp for Windows so you can run OS X under Windows on say a Dell or HP computer, and of course vice versa?

There’s really no money in hardware unless you can produce it on a massive scale. That is why Mac’s have lower hardware specs and are a bit more expensive. If Jobs wasn’t so proud and headstrong he would have realized this years ago and M$ would be well on there way to being a distant memory. He sooooo could have capitalized on the failure of Vista.

Posted by J | Report as abusive

I got a Windows laptop in Feb new for $330. I’ve spent no additional money on it since, and it works fine.

I used Macs regularly in school, and other than a different mouse and different locations for things like the maximize/close buttons, they seem to be pretty much equal in performance.

Posted by drewbie | Report as abusive

I have to give Microsoft credit for this one, even though Windows is doubtless a clumbersome operating system compared to Apple’s OSX. Apple computers are more expensive and have less expandability. These compararitive failures almost cancel eachother out, so what computer ya want seems to me to be a personal preference. I love the elagance and dependability of Mac’s operating system, which to me is the bottom line. So I am a ‘Macosexual’.

Posted by fakosek | Report as abusive

The commercials are cute – I don’t know if comparing Apples to lemons is fair, but hey…

Posted by brian, nashville TN | Report as abusive

I used PCs for more than 15 years, it was two years ago when I switched to MAC to realize that I was missing a lot. Sometime I suffered with my PC blue screen and arbitrary unexplainable freezes. With MAC its is different, you simply focus on your work not noticing you’re using a machine. Everything works. So, it is true ONCE YOU GO MAC, YOU NEVER GO BACK!

Posted by Jolian | Report as abusive

You liberal mac loving wacos. Everyone just needs to realize that apple is just as bad as Microsoft – they both suck. Switch to open source.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

I’ve used both Macs and PCs for long periods of time, and every time I have to spend my own money, it ends up being a PC. I’ve done a little of everything on both and found the PC to be the better choice for almost everything.

And to everyone saying PCs need expensive virus protection, I’ve had a PC consistently for 15 years and never had a virus, spyware, or spent anything on software to protect from them.

Posted by Seth | Report as abusive

Although i’m an OpenSource supporter and i use a PC (with Ubuntu), i love MAC because not only the hardware is superior and cool but OSX really kicks Windows in almost every department (except gaming). The graphics manipulation apps like Photoshop and Illustrator works great on OSX, plus it’s more secure and Virus-free. I’m really planning to buy a MacBookPro, … sure it’s a bit expensive but it’s really worth it, every penny!

One thing i wanted to point out about PC is that it’s not just only about Windows, it’s also Linux as well. And Linux+PC make a excellent combination. PC+Windows is simply not an option.

Posted by bluestreak | Report as abusive

don’t hate the player, hate the game…

Posted by eyom | Report as abusive

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