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August 18, 2009

Tech bloggers love to write about Apple, for better or for worse. The secretive nature of the company means a lot of those blogs are speculative and light on sources, yet  we still all love to read them because the house that Steve built is indeed both a fascinating and hugely successful company.

The latest round of speculation is around Apple’s planned September keynote event which sources have told AllThingsDigital is due to take place on Wednesday,  Sept 9 in San Francisco. There has been a huge amount of speculation around whether Apple will unveil a new tablet device but sources tell the blogs there will be “no discussion whatsoever” of the such a device.

AllThingsDigital’s John Paczkowski isn’t giving up though saying: “Too bad. It’s looking more and more like we’ll have to wait until 2010 for that.”

It’s now expected that Apple will debut a new social version of its iTunes media player and unveil new versions of its iPod.

The other big question is whether Steve Jobs will make his first appearance since returning to work after his liver transplant.

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Apple have a flair for publicity that borders upon deception. The Unibody casing of my Macbook Air fell apart at the point where the screen is held on by two flimsy joints. I bought Applecare for a 3 year warranty. It cost nearly A$500. Applecare said the warranty does not cover this because it is not a defect in manufacturing. If design is not a part of manufacture than what is ?
I strongly advise people not to be dazzled by the hoopla of Apple’s publicity machine. I was. And I now have a very overpriced piece of junk to show for it !!!!!!

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It now appears that Apple may have two tablets to show off on September 9th.

Viva Apple! I’m thrilled and can’t wait to see what they have. Steve Jobs and company will once again lead the world into a new technology that everyone is sure to emulate and once again will be playing catch Apple.

posted by John Gotts

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