Yahoo’s Bartz to cynics: Leave us alone!

September 22, 2009

In politics, bashing the so-called “coastal elitists” is a time-honored tradition.

Now the ritual has spread to the Internet business.

In a briefing with reporters on Tuesday, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz lambasted the company’s critics, whom she suggested are out of touch with most of America.

“When you get out of New York City and Silicon Valley everybody loves Yahoo,” said Bartz, citing the positive feedback she gets from regular folks on her many travels (she cited interactions with ebullient passport control officials and people in her former home state of Wisconsin).

“Jesus, I just want to transplant all you guys out of this cynicism you’re in,” she told the members of the press gathered at the briefing. “If you don’t like us, just leave us alone. We’ll just deal with our users,” Bartz continued, noting that discussing the subject had gotten her “pissed off.”

Yahoo watchers have become accustomed to Bartz’ penchant for salty language, but Tuesday’s populist rant seems to fit into another interesting theme, first noticed by Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan who recently pointed out certain similarities between Bartz and a well-known former governor of Alaska.

Of course, Bartz, who described herself as a tough “old broad,” is not swearing off New York-types entirely – the briefing took place in Manhattan to kick-off a new $100 million marketing campaign.

Perhaps the only thing missing now is a role in Yahoo’s adverts for up-and-coming people’s pitchman Joe the Plumber.


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“Everyone” outside of New York City and Silicon Valley do not love Yahoo! I live outside those areas and do not love it. This makes Carol Bartz statement false by itself plus there are other competing companies. My feelings about Yahoo changed after taking time to carefully read their licensing agreement during a software installation. I immediately aborted the installation, removed all software related to Yahoo, and blocked ALL emails received with a “”. I encourage everyone to take time to carefully read the License Agreement for all software and decide for themselves.

Posted by Greg | Report as abusive

I know everybody knows that Bartz is merely a figurehead. Maybe when Yahoo gets someone to run the business who actually knows something, things will change for the good. Until then, it’s status quo folks.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

we want Jerry back! :(

Posted by byeloo | Report as abusive

nobody likes yahoo. It’s like the “nobody loves my friend azimath” from Borat. Except not even jesus likes yahoo.Is it a humorous sign that an article about this ignorant yahoo exec comes up with the anti-spam word Broad?

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

What I hate about yahoo is their email service filled with spam but so far, I have nothing against them… just leave them alone…and stick with Google…

Posted by Katie, ATT Uverse Reviews | Report as abusive