Sony’s PlayStation chief: We’ll get iPod game dabblers

September 24, 2009

So what happens when the Apple suggests your handheld game device is sub-par? Out of touch? Passe? ‘Dems fighting words, right?******That’s what I asked Sony’s PlayStation boss Jack Tretton during a recent interview. His response? Keep talking, Apple — you’re only creating more future PlayStation users.******A little background: Earlier this month, Apple’s Phil Schiller said this about Sony’s PlayStations Portable (PSP) and the Nintendo DS, which have together sold more than 150 million units around the globe:***

When these things came out they seemed so cool. But once you play a game on the iPod touch, they don’t really stack up anymore. They don’t have this amazing multi-touch user interface. The game are kind of expensive. they don’t even have anything like the Apps Store to find great games and titles. And they certainly don’t deliver a media experience like the iPod that is built into the iPod touch.******But worst is the buying experience. Having to go to the store and trying to find a hot new title is not a lot of fun.

***Not long after, Apple CEO Steve Jobs piled on to the New York Times, saying that the new lower price for the iPod Touch would draw in gamers.******Tretton, whose full title is CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, counterpunched:***

The gaming heritage and the home of gaming is PlayStation. Dabbling in gaming is nice and ‘thank you’ for getting people interested in gaming — because they are going to end up with us.******Its sort of like saying, I got my drivers license and my first car was a beat up Subaru, but if you are ultimately going to be on the track, you are going to be driving a race car, and not something that’s basic transportation. So if you are going to be seriously interested in gaming you are going to end up a PlayStation consumer.

***Tough talk between two consumer electronics giants.******Personally, I have played games on all three devices — but not the same games — so I can’t testify to an apples-to-apples comparison. But I’ll say this: Poker and Tetris on the iPod Touch? Fun. Super Mario Bros on the DS? Cool. FIFA Soccer on the PSP? Wicked.******(Photo: Sony’s Jack Tretten at E3; Reuters)


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[...] Visit link: Sony’s PlayStation chief: We’ll get iPod game dabblers – Reuters Blogs [...]

I think it’s wonderful that Sony made the comments they did, but everyone knows the handheld arena is OWNED by Nintendo. They did it first and they still do it best, the DS and DSi sell like hotcakes all across the world. And on the console front, Apple can NEVER hope to match the success Nintendo has enjoyed with their Wii. Apple doesn’t have the Wii remote and they don’t have the marketing strategies, and that’s their main problem. Take this online promotion for a free Wii, check the link for info, grassroots promotions like this is what keeps Nintendo in the lead, not just making comments and not backing them up! &t=9528&a=13190-wii&gift=3679

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Are you kidding Apple. Stick to what you know how to do best, Music.

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Music? Apple? Are you kidding? The iPod is growing further and further away from music. Many other companies (Sony, Samsung, Conwon, and recently, the Zune HD) offers a better music experience than Apple products.Apple’s pretty much just good as a Mobile Internet Device at this point. Everyone wants one for the apps. Music is an after-thought at this point.

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[...] going to be seriously interested in gaming you are going to end up a PlayStation consumer. – Reuters var infolink_pid = 14719; var infolink_wsid = 1; Comment (RSS)  |  Trackback [...]

I am really enjoy to play games with playstion than other rubbish video games. there is amazing exeperinces playing with playstion.

[...] Sony’s PlayStation chief: We’ll get iPod game dabblers – Reuters Blogs [...]

[...] Sony’s PlayStation chief: We’ll get iPod game dabblers – Reuters Blogs [...]

how about microsoft and sony will both put nintendo out of business when microsoft releases project natal and sony releases their wand. check out youtube and search project natal.

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[...] Sony’s PlayStation chief: We’ll get iPod game dabblers – Reuters Blogs [...]

I for one think that while casual gamers will enjoy the iPhone – eventually most casual gamers turn into full blown gamers that want a little bit more than just 5 minutes of fun.

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