A perfect date machine?

September 26, 2009

The world’s biggest microchip company, known for some of the most dramatic advances in the tech world, this week decided to ask software developers and salespeople for help.

At its annual developers’ conference in San Francisco this week, Intel Corp put up a dozen or so whiteboards across the Moscone Center venue,  soliciting answers to the big questions: from how tech might improve business to what you might want technology to do, if it could do anything.

But the answers, scribbled in blue marker, were a mix of practical suggestions like a handheld portable video conferencing device, perennial gripes and whimsy — perfect date machine, anyone?

Here are a selection of the questions and answers:

How do you see the future?
Moon hotels
Real-time virtual Internet glasses
Digital clothing
Big solar power airships

How can technology make business more efficient?
Coffee helmet
Video phone conference
An infinitely large display
Cellphone/MID projector

How can technology improve the world?
Slow down global warming
Bring back dead loved ones
Food allergen detector
Moving sidewalk

What’s the next big thing?
Doodle Twitter
Wireless electricity
Smellovision (like television, but not)
Hands-free driving
Lip reading voice recognition

What will your kids’ kids think is cool?
Whatever it is, we’re sure to hate it!
3D Rock Band
Watching me on YouTube
Videogames embedded in your arm
Technology you can eat after using
Chocolate veggies

What’s your big idea?
Dream recorder
Underwater car
Embedded communications devices in my eyes and ears Hybrid Cadillacs Robochef

If tech could do anything for you, what would it be?
Perfect date machine
Make summer longer
Time travel
5 minute robot jog to work
Hologram friends

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How do you see the future?increasingly mobile and multifunctionalHow can technology make business more efficient?backwards compatability for everything, and limited forward compatabiltity for easier transitions.How can technology improve the world?GM food and CO2 scrubbing technology to remove emissions from the atmosphereWhat’s the next big thing?credit/debit card phonesWhat will your kids’ kids think is cool?hoverboards and lightsabersWhat’s your big idea?top side air bags to protect you in the event of a vertical crashIf tech could do anything for you, what would it be?give me a small shock right before I say something stupid to my wife.

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