Wave: Who gets Google’s ticket to ride?

September 30, 2009

It may be the hottest ticket in cyberspace.

On Wednesday, Google will invite more than 100,000 people to begin using Wave, its new hybrid messaging-social networking-online collaboration tool.

The version that will be available on Wednesday is a preview version that Google acknowledges is still not ready for prime time.

But scarcity is a powerful marketing tool (remember the prized Gmail invitations a few years ago?)

Google Wave was the third most popular topic of discussion on Twitter on Tuesday, with many Twitter users pleading for an invitation to become a Wave tester.

The initial 100,000 invites will go to developers, “select” paying customers of Google Apps and individuals who signed up early to test Wave.

But each Wave preview user will also get the privilege of “nominating” 8 other people to use Wave, since like any network-based service, Wave’s value and usefulness increases the more friends, family and colleagues are on-board.

A Google representative said the nominations are effectively the same as invitations – Google won’t actually render verdicts about which nominees are eligible or notto receive a Wave invitation. But it will “control the flow” of when nominees can begin using Wave to ensure that the service doesn’t get overloaded.

“We have to make sure the system will scale for the volume of people,” said Google spokeswoman Sara Jew-Lim.


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This is a wave of the future that l have been following from the inception and l personally look forward to getting to see it in action, as well as trying it out myself.

I believe this will eliminate the use of email and will one day l am sure revolutionise the way we use the computer to communicate office to office.

Keep up the good work Google and ride the wave of success. Ian

Posted by Ian Draper | Report as abusive

Google has to keep up with growing technological changes, the beauty of the online businesses is that the main players are always competing for a bigger market share, so big corporations have to spend Millions on enhancing their products to maintain their market share. Wave is an example of this occuring.

Posted by Pressm | Report as abusive

very good news, i am waiting for my invite from Google Wave

Posted by professorapps | Report as abusive