“Iron Man” writer: Disney, Don’t ‘castrate’ Marvel heroes

October 2, 2009

Comic book artist Bob Layton co-wrote Marvel Entertainment’s iconic Iron Man titles in the 80’s, with partner David Michelinie. The duo recreated Iron Man’s Tony Stark into the alcoholic and playboy businessman that caught on notoriously well with readers.

You have to wonder what the reaction will be in the Disney cafeteria to creative types like Layton. So Reuters reporter Eric Yep asked Layton, who now works freelance, what he thinks about the putting the House of Mouse in charge of the Hulk and the Human Torch.

I would hope that while some of Marvel’s library lends itself naturally to Disney’s sensibilities, they’ll be wise enough not to castrate the entire cast of characters in some blanket policy.

Fears for Spider-man’s manhood aside, Layton remained concerned about the comic book industry’s woes and afflictions.

It’s no secret that the distribution system in comics is basically a monopoly, although no one has the balls to call it that!

The comic industry veteran, however, wasn’t as tormented as some Marvel fans appear to be – some reportedly imagining The Punisher’s violent escapades in a Disney theme park.

I’ve always been a proponent of getting the comic industry into the hands of better businessmen. Disney’s global distribution may be able to create in-roads where the comic industry has failed to make an impact.

Layton tactfully added that simply being acquired by Disney may not broaden the appeal of “The Punisher” to women. But will the artist, who also has worked on such bruising books and characters as Batman and X-Men, ever jump over to the other side and, say, rewrite Disney’s teenage blockbuster “High School Musical?”

Damn you! You’ve discovered my secret project!

(Photo: Bob Layton, Flikr)

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Don’t worry, they will. As usual, the new Disney (after Walt died) is run by corporate moguls where the “bottom line” is their only imparative. I shall mourn the loss of Marvel.

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