At Chicago Sun-Times, portrait of a newspaper investor

October 16, 2009

It’s not every day that you get people who are anxious to tell you that they’re investing in newspapers, that great industry sector that took a swan dive into an empty swimming pool over the past couple years. Private equity firms that are getting into that game again are just that — PRIVATE.

The latest buyers of the Chicago Sun-Times and parent company Sun-Times Media Group identified themselves on Friday, however, and we’d like to share their names with you too. Good luck with the newspaper game.

  • Jim Tyree, Chairman and CEO of Mesirow Financial, Managing Member, Sun-Times Media Holdings, LLC
  • Andrew Agostini, Principal and Owner, J.L. Woode Ltd.
  • Kevin Flynn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Emerald Ventures, Inc.
  • Ed Heil, Investor and Entrepreneur
  • Michael Mackey, Senior Managing Director, Insurance Services, Mesirow Financial
  • William Parrillo and Robert Parrillo, Private Investors
  • Richard Price, President and Chief Operating Officer, Mesirow Financial
  • Ed Ross, Principal and Owner, J.L. Woode Ltd.
  • W. Rockwell “Rocky” Wirtz, President, Wirtz Corporation
  • Bruce Young, Vice Chairman, Mesirow Financial

The Sun-Times’s website, by the way, has some mugshots. The rival Chicago Tribune tells us that the list is “studded with colorful Chicagoans.” Hopefully Saturday’s newspaper story will say why they are. I’m not a Chicagoan myself, so I’m relying on you readers to tell us why these people are colorful.

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