Microsoft shows off Windows 7 touch-screen features

October 22, 2009

Microsoft highlighted new multi-touch features on the range of new PCs as it launched Windows 7 in New York on Thursday.

Here’s a clip of a photo managing program, which allows you to sort through snaps and manipulate them manually, and a shot of the new Kindle application from Amazon, which lets people read a book onscreen, if that’s what they want to do.

The Windows 7 launch event was quieter than previous versions, focusing on slick new hardware and consumer-oriented features such as watching TV on the PC, creating home networks, making videos and playing music.

Early reviews of Windows 7 have been positive, but it will be a few months before it becomes clear if consumers really take to the new operating system.


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This is just so silly, trying to sell the new version of Windows on the strength of being able to automatically tile application windows, or having (finally!) a usable search tool (which by the way has some catching up to do with the Google desktop search). You are not going to get me to shell out the bucks!

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NOTHING microsoft has tried to flog for the last ten years has worked. With all the lawsuits from ripping off other developers, unfair trade practice for which they were nailed in the EU, Microsoft is the most arrogant corporation in American, selling (ooops, its licensing so they can’t be sued) the most flawed product on the planet. New Windows? ha,ha,ha…..

Posted by Tru Mann | Report as abusive

Hey look windoz is looking more and more and more and more ….. like Apple OSX, except it will crash and freeze and be incompatible with 1,000 application and will have bugs and security holes. The good news is I bought Apple for $11 in 1992 (topped out at $182 today), and Microsoft is down to $24 or $26 today, I’ll by MS this week. Then when they finally dump that jacka** Ballmer it will rise into the 50’s or 60’s and I’ll make another killing! I love this country!

Posted by Jose Jobs | Report as abusive


Posted by longway downtheroad | Report as abusive

nobody needs money, windows 7 will still sell even without your existence.

Posted by Lamer | Report as abusive

It seems pretty cool but not in the budget since everything I have works great.
I’ll give it 2-3 years so they can work out the bugs.

Posted by John F | Report as abusive

[…] Windows 7 is finally here, and your doctor couldn’t be happier. Thanks to its full support of multi-touch touch screens, Windows 7 is perfect for a tablet PC any doctor can use to record, […]

Posted by ZDNet Healthcare mobile edition | Report as abusive

I’ve been happy with my Mac for a little over three years now and OS-X just keeps getting better and staying well ahead of Windows. Haven’t you noticed that Windows is just trying to keep pace with Mac OS-X?.. it’s more Mac-like than ever before.

Posted by MacFan | Report as abusive

Microsoft has done well. A common misconception (by the handful of Mac and Linux users), which often results in ignorant negative comments, is that Windows competes with Mac. Windows is the dominant operating system. Microsoft’s campaign in Windows 7 is to win over XP users, not Mac or Linux users.

Posted by Muchenjeri | Report as abusive

To all you people who trash MS … Win 7 has one competitor and that is Windows XP. Do you realize that the so called failure Vista sold more copies than OSX will sell in 30 years? There is no OS war … get a life

Posted by JOe620 | Report as abusive

I try Windows 7, and will sad that she is best from Vista. Windows is dominant operating system and will be for long years.

Posted by Georgi Borisov | Report as abusive

Having beta tested it, Windows7 is much better than Vista in many ways. Programs do load faster, OS boots up quicker. That being said, quite a few programs will not run (don’t try to load a Win 95,98,2000, ME program and quite a few XP programs, the system will crash). Most drivers from Vista also will not work though Win7 does load fairly good generic drivers. It has a tendency to lose files (because of the virtual file system).

Posted by Brian Bigelow | Report as abusive