Fox vs Time Warner Cable: Soccer channels go dark for a bit, coincidence?

December 22, 2009


We were not completely surprised when Fox Soccer Channel went dark on Sunday afternoon while we were watching West Ham take on Chelsea. (It’s not that the cable bills hadn’t been paid). Seemed the most likely cause was the  really bad snowstorm here in New York and the rest of the U.S. northeast.

But when we noticed that Fox Soccer Espanol, Speed Channel and, for a short while, FX were also down…  well, we couldn’t help wonder if the ruckus between Time Warner Cable and Fox Networks had come to a head and that the great dark screen battle of 2010 had started early.  (Adding to our conspiracy theory: Fox’s news channels were unaffected yesterday, and neither Fox News nor Fox Business are part of the current carriage fisticuffs between TWC and Fox. Hmmmm).

After all, Fox said last week that TWC might pull its broadcast network and entertainment channels because they’ve been unable to reach agreement on fees. TWC for its part thinks Fox wants too much money. And both sides are running marketing campaigns slamming the other. So the idea that everything went black because of a their dispute wasn’t all that farfetched.

But our suspicions were wrong:  We’ve been assured by a TWC spokesman that it was a small and temporary problem with the Fox channels was indeed weather-related and not a test-run of what a blackout would look like.

It could still go all dark on Dec 31st when the Fox contracts expire. But neither side wants that to happen and they’ll likely come to agreement in the early hours of 2010 as TWC did with Viacom last year.

By the way: We found out later the West Ham – Chelsea match ended 1 – 1, unfortunately we missed the goals due to the blackout.

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If Fox and TWC can’t come to an agreement, we will change cable companies, one that carries Fox.


Posted by revray | Report as abusive

I really would like Fox to stay on Time Warner Cable.
I watch several shows that are on Fox.
I was very disappointed when I saw on channel 5, that Fox might go off Time Warner Cable.
I would miss the shows that I like, a lot!!!
I really hope that Fox stays on Time Warner Cable!!!
Thank you for your help with this situation

Mary Xenos
Time Warner Cable customer

Posted by mxenos | Report as abusive

Please leave Fox Channel on I watch several shows like American Idol, 24, racing, just naming a few, Please I’m begging leave FOX on, Many like myself will be so disappointed, Leave Fox on time warner cable!!!!

Thank You and remember keep FOX on!!!!
t. smart
Time Warner Cable Customer…

Posted by catwoman12 | Report as abusive

Please dont take channel 4 fox off, we love watching the Football games, NFL, American Idol and family guy just to name a few, plus channel 4 news.


Posted by lisabutterfly | Report as abusive