Live coverage of Apple product launch

January 27, 2010


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Greeting from Singapore!

Posted by MaranathaSim | Report as abusive

If you’ve ever been to a technology event, those security/crowd control folks may not be Apple employees, but rather, “rent-a-guards”.

Posted by GadgetGuru | Report as abusive

Is everyone ready for Apple’s version of the Amazon Kindle or Sony’s Reader? That’s basically what I’m expecting it to be.

Posted by GadgetGuru | Report as abusive

sorry for all you apple fans but this is a much better product IA

Posted by mrcdebenz7 | Report as abusive

superb ‘real time info’! BTW, any updates on the price ? As Mike D tweeted, $999 seems likely.

Posted by pgshrikanth | Report as abusive

The question becomes: where does the average Apple user fall in here? If they have a MacBook, they don’t need one. If they have an iPhone, they don’t need one. I’m confused as to the target audience.

Posted by bobbyalcott | Report as abusive

Greetings from India.
I am using and fully enjoying with iPod shuffle and with iPod Nano.
All your products are customer friendly and highly usable.
Regarding this new product,i Pad has some weakness on sharing music videos and doubt of flash memory items.
Whatever it may, this is the real,correct time to launch new products to us.

For the sake of customers, please fix reasonable price on i Pad.
I have watched Mr,Job!s presentation of a new Apple product from Reuters and from other websites.
Best wishes.,

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